exercise induced asthma AKA cx cough

I just got back from my 2nd CX race of the season, and I am coughing, coughing, coughing. I raced down in Louisville for the TDL, put on by my friends, the Websters, at Bike Cliques.

I race with the 3/4’s 35+. They start us with the 3/4 open women and today there were probably 30+ women starting. It was really good to see so many girls out there.

The course was painful. And I raced it blind like I always do.

The course at Fisherman’s Park park has been called “off-camber madness” and “high-speed technical.”

It also features a lot of climbing, making it one of the hardest courses in the Midwest and a favorite of the Elite racers. “It all comes down to how hard you can go for how long,” says Webster.

I had a bad start, crashed with two girls the instant we made our 1st tight turn. I got up as fast as I could and kept going. The big downhill with the turn at the bottom was fun, two girls lost their chains. My Paul chain catcher fucking rocks. Took a right turn into a huge run up, that I ran the 1st lap and rode the next 3 laps. There was a fun log to hop at the bottom of a hill, the kind that make me grunt really loud. No sand pits. Lots of tight slow turns and then some barriers!

YouTube Preview Image

And that, is the ONLY way I ever pass anyone in a bike race.

Then was a lot more of that off camber-madness, it would have been crazy with some mud. Then I was crossing the timing area and they said two laps to go. I was gasping for fucking air, drool hanging out the side of my mouth and starting that irritating cough (that still hasn’t stopped). I rode the next 2 laps as best I could, not seeing or passing anyone.

On my last lap I got pissed seeing a bunch of guys I knew jump under the tape to start a warm up lap. “Fuck, there’s a bike race going on here!” I yelled at them. That shit irks me so bad. I don’t ride the course when YOU are finishing your race.

I digress.

I finished 4th.

I missed the podium by a place at my last race too.

Someday. Dammit.

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18 thoughts on “exercise induced asthma AKA cx cough

  1. “On my last lap I got pissed seeing a bunch of guys I knew jump under the tape to start a warm up lap. “Fuck, there’s a bike race going on here!” I yelled at them. That shit irks me so bad. I don’t ride the course when YOU are finishing your race.”


  2. i think a donut hand up would have helped give you that push needed to get into third.

    And. Its good to see someone’s chain keeper is working, mine busted on a sprint so i switched to a Rival 2x setup.

    *my first post to this site long time reader.

  3. oh-my is a troll.

    Anyhoo, why is this the last race? yer bloggy made no mention far as i read.

  4. Well done. 4th is nothing to sneeze at, er cough about. Those socks deserve to be on the podium though. Hopefully next time.

  5. Same cough over here. My first ‘cross race this season yesterday, and only the second one I’ve ever done. MOST FORTUNATELY, my DC jersey arrived in the mail on Saturday and I rocked it accordingly. Got a couple comments on it as well…seems there are some fans of this site about. 14th place out of 68 in the 4s…AWESOME flyover constructed by Half Acre Brewing Co. Chicrosscup.com for pics. This just happened to be the first one in the “Comment” section on the blog: http://c.imagehost.org/0422/SAM_0168.jpg

    DC represent.

  6. @gnome, did i say last race? hell no! cx racing is FUN!
    @sommerfliesby – NICE!! those stairs look like the green monster at USGP! WOOOOOOOT!

  7. @gnome, that “last race” was a link to my blog post on the last race i did the weekend we left for interbike.

    @zack – forgot to mention my fucking donut hand up! was that you? that was my 1st hand up! thanks for posting and reading!

  8. damn it! missing all these races is driving me crazy! while not racing, seriously looking forward to shit talking, heckling and beers at the Louisvile USGP. good work Judi

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  10. Best heckle I heard all day…”The race is UP THERE…what are you doing back HERE?”

  11. @jimmy, im gonna be looking for cupcake hand ups at usgp! i am also working for joan both days so look for me on my bike with the green fork.

    @fuck gas – im on! thanks for linking dc, yo. holla next time. soon i’ll have a dc jersey, can’t wait!

  12. judi, you just replied to me twice… fuck gas was a ping back

    regardless, i don’t fuck with cup cakes. i hand up beers, dollars and high fives. deal with it

  13. @judi yep that was me. we’ve got some photos going up on our site soon.

    @jimmy you better get ready for a cup cake hand ups at usgp i’ll make some vegan ones for you and leave the icing off you picky bastard. i’ll make sure to have beer too.

  14. @ #14: And beer hand-DOWNS make you very popular. (Ask Ryan Trebon for technique tips, he did it last year at SSCXWC.)

    @ Judi: Who was the Bella you passed? Just curious.
    BTW, that was some awesome footage there! Don’t tell me you’re not “pro”, your form was beautiful to see. (I wish I could do re-mounts like that, but I have, um, commitment issues…)
    4th place is nothing to sneeze — OR cough — at. Congratulations anyway.
    (I’m still waiting for my signed 8 x 10 glossy. AHEM.)

  15. @beth – no clue who she was but everyone was screaming for her to pass me for the rest of that lap. she never caught back up though. and FYI, that dismount SUCKS. the resident pro from DC, snake, told me a few things. the re-mount, its all about commitment. just jump. :) xo.