It’s Tuesday.

And I’m bored. In the last week its dropped to around low 50’s here, and all my bikes are either inoperable, or not good for the cartilage in my knee. (The doc said last visit no heavy resistance for 6-8 weeks and then after only spinning on a trainer with no resistance. Getting old sucks, I highly recommend not doing it.)

Anyhow, when I’m bored I link-hop. Many of us do. No porn lately, as the wife is on maternity leave so there’s no privacy. But then I come along a gem like this and have to share: It’s NSFW for good times. (Editor’s note: He’s not kidding. Click thru is 100% not safe for work.)

Sure caught me by surprise.

In the same vein of WTF-ness, I give you the WaPo.

“We can also rule out the Samoans,” he added.

And people wonder why Americans are so fucking stupid, mean, drunk, and just plain retarded.

And some animation to make you say WTF out loud…
YouTube Preview Image

Talk about horrible ad placement. I mean really.

But then I found the most perfect internet meme video ever. YouTube Preview Image
My Tuesday as just been saved.


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