The party that was Interbike 2010 (and a quickie wedding)

I am going to break it down really easy.

And with more pictures than you are used to. I can’t help it. We took 150+ pictures. There’s even more on my blog.

Highlights –

* The dirt demo was more fun than I have ever had in my life! Hanging out with Dirty Biker, the Rev. Dick and The Canadian had me laughing harder than I have in a long, long time.

The Rev Dick’s mooseknuckle.
wedding interbike 060

* Watching Dominic bounce around on a Pugsley all day.

* Making friends with Surly hotties.

surley booth

* A climb up a mountain with The Rev. Dick and Dominic. Downhilling on a ss 9’er. Or trying to.

* Trying to go fast in front of Dirty, Dominic and The Rev and crashing right over my bars, talk about embarrassing.

Dirty, The Rev, and Dominic.
wedding interbike 047

* A pump track!! On a squishy Marin.

* Watching Dominic do wheelies all day.

* Giving Dirty all those ice cold beers people kept handing me. Thanks to DB for making sure Dominic didn’t accidentally drink one. For some reason, he was having a hard time saying no to an ice cold beer, in the desert, after riding bikes all day. He kept asking if we could “split one”.

Dirty and me scored Castelli caps.
wedding interbike 109

The Surly cargo trailer.
wedding interbike 054

I gave Trevor a ride to the porta-potties.
wedding interbike 057

New friends.
wedding interbike 093

* Swimming in Lake Mead, to an island made of monster truck tires, with Dirty, The Canadian, Rev. Dick, and Dominic. Getting kicked out by lake cops pretty fucking fast.

* Meeting Gnome, finally, after a year of email correspondence. He’s my internet shrink, he lifts me up when fuckers on here mess with my head. Meeting him was like, one of those people you feel like you’ve known forever (cheesy, but true). He’s chill. We walked the indoor demo a little and he hung at the pool with us.

wedding interbike 173

* The wedding. It was quick and painless. My LBS owners came, my friends Jeni and Darrin, and Dirty and Gnome. I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding party.



*Watching the race with Dominic and Gnome.

wedding interbike 239

* Met up with my future BSM teammate who works for Sram and bought him beers for his bday.

* Giving out DC stickers as hand ups after we ran out of dollar bills.

* Finding out EVERYONE reads Drunk Cyclist, and they all know Big Jonny.

* Videotaping the elite men’s finish on Dominic’s shoulders.

YouTube Preview Image

* Dominic and Gnome’s late night discussion in the room on politics (me, “if you don’t stop i’m gonna break something”).

* McDonalds with Ben Popper, who raced that night, and worked the Colnago booth that day, and had a baby on Saturday before flying out to Vegas (congrats Julie and Ben!).

* Riding Gnome’s bike down the hall of the Ventian (the hallways were ridiculously long).

wedding interbike 248

* Big pimpin’ in the Venetian with my new husband. 650 sq foot suite with 3 flatscreen TV’s.

* The Indoor demo was overfuckingwhelming. I lost Dominic several times. He had ADD and kept wandering off. Way too many shiny things for him to look at.

* Dominic’s highlights were meeting Ron Wilkerson (missing a front tooth too, hot).

wedding interbike 139

* And Eddie Fiola. (he cried after meeting him and getting a t-shirt signed).

wedding interbike 250

* Meeting the Twin Six boys, Brent and Ryan, who are awesome guys.

* Backward Circle Bike Co. No brakes? No problem.

* Fibre Flare bike lights.

* Handing out pictures of naked girls instead of business cards.

* Meeting Beth H. from PDX who is a DC reader and commenter!

There’s probably more, but fuck it, I think I am done. Interbike was a rockin’ good time and we can’t wait to do it again next year in Anaheim.

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12 thoughts on “The party that was Interbike 2010 (and a quickie wedding)

  1. Lord, do not let Dominic talk politics!

    And I know you got me the phone numbers for those two hot chicks in that picture, didn’t you? Didn’t you?

  2. @tim, those girls were skinny fat, zero muscle and hardly any ass, you don’t want them, trust me. the mannequin was hotter.

  3. I saw those girls pumping the keg at the Ellsworth booth. On one hand it was fun to watch, on the other it looked like at any moment the keg was going to get the better of them and their tiny bodies. Sad sight really.

  4. Holy hot tub time machine! Wilkerson and Fiola….old school freestyle heros. It’s pretty cool to meet your heros of yesteryear and see they’re just normal people, especially when they were touring like rockstars back in the early 90’s.

    We brought Wilkerson, Voelker and another GT guy up to Ottawa, Canada for a combined freestyle/skateboard demo and my LBS. There were literally a thousand people jamming the streets in and around this mini-mall to watch these guys ride a 12′ high half-pipe and some spine ramps they built on site.

    Good times.

  5. Congrats Judi!

    As much as I hate Vegas with the white hot passion of a thousand suns, I do miss the annual catch-up and hangout that is Interbike. Just found out an old friend of mine is opening a shop in NorCal…

  6. Fuck all that. I love those girls just as they are. Maybe less than they likely used to be and probably more than they likely will be, but I love them and all the others like ’em as is right now.

  7. I still like them both and am disturbed that you did not think of me! And the one on the left has some muscle definition. I looked closely!

  8. Wish I could have been there – but 10MPG is just kindof a limitation. Very touching and epic post. It’s not every day you get married, I suppose it’s fairly straightforward and easy in Nevada.