Thor Smash and Ale-Jet Lights the Afterburners!

A day late and a dollar short on finding a suitable videos to post. But, here they are anyway:

Tour de France 2010- Stage 3 Finish

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Versus Coverage of Stage 4’s Tour De France Finish

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6 thoughts on “Thor Smash and Ale-Jet Lights the Afterburners!

  1. WTF, vino?
    I just love how Wiggins smoked him to the line. That was one hell of a finish.

  2. More like WTF Cav. What a thin-skinned little wuss. 1st place is out of reach so you sit up and drop back 12 wheels instead of gunning for 2nd or 3rd?

  3. …awww…he was just giving the ‘lutefisk legend’ a shot…

    …besides, it’s now two in a row…