Clinger gets two years

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A three-member arbitration panel has issued a two-year suspension of David Clinger for a positive testosterone test at last year’s national elite championships in Bend, Oregon.

. . . The 32-year-old Clinger is a former member of the U.S. Postal, Festina and Rock Racing teams. Clinger tested positive for synthetic testosterone and modafinil in a sample collected from him on July 30, 2009, following his finish in the road race.

Synthetic testosterone is prohibited as an anabolic agent and modafinil is prohibited as a stimulant on the World Anti-Doping Agency Prohibited List. Clinger accepted a provisional suspension on September 3, 2009, and his suspension will last until two years from that date.

According to the panel’s decision, Clinger admitted to taking both substances, but said he was doing so after following the recommendations of his physician. Clinger’s doctor, Sean Ponce of ATM Medical in Sandy Utah, confirmed that the rider had started testosterone therapy under a California physician’s supervision in 2008.

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Also, take a look at Flahute is saying:

From reading the arbitration decision, it appears that Clinger did not intend to cheat, and that the arbitration panel recognized that, but found that there was insufficient extraordinary cause to vacate the finding or to reduce his suspension.

I just hope that this setback doesn’t send Clinger back down the wrong path that he was on prior to moving to Utah and going through rehab, and that he’ll be able to weather this particular storm and come out stronger on the other side.
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7 Replies to “Clinger gets two years”

  1. Call me cynical, but I have a hard time believing that anyone who has been implicated in selling EPO to other cyclists “didn’t mean to cheat”.

  2. This one looks to me like someone who should have known better but did not. I kind of doubt he was trying to cheat because he declared the drugs. The cynical side of me says everyone knows that testosterone is banned. Who knows.

  3. I’m about ready to say “run what you brung”. Top Fuel Nitro Burning Cyclists. So not everyone can afford the best dope. Whatever; not everyone can afford a Madone or six hours a day to train. That don’t mean we put ’em on Huffys and make ’em punch the clock at the box factory. This whole anti-doping thing has turned into a huge jobs program for folks playing “gotcha”, and the sport will never be clean anyway. Why not just embrace the inevitable?

    Is my cynicism showing? Thought so. Sorry, maybe it’s the brandy talking.

    Or not.

  4. Clinger was never known as the smartest of the roadies. Go back to school buddy and try to salvage your life by doing something other than being selfish.

  5. This was a procedural problem. Not cheating. He wasn’t trying to hide anything, he’s just a dumbass. He DECLARED THE FUCKIN’ DRUGS were in his system. He just didn’t file the right paperwork. There’re many years and many tattoos to attest his dumbassitude….