It’s time.

It’s time to start this thing we call  the Spring Classics. In my opinion, everything up until now has been a cock tease, foreplay if you will. This picture has been the desktop on my work computer for 2 years now. It inspires me to no end.

08P-R There is a guy at the office that I talk cycling with and he is always trying to bust my balls over how much of a fan-boy I am for Tom Boonen. I simply just point to this picture. That is the complete destruction of Fabian Cancellara and Alessandro Ballan. One is the best time trialist of modern times and the other went on to win the rainbow jersey that same year in one very impressive attack. These guys know how to hurt, and after 259km they have the guts to throw down a sprint like THIS! And this is only one example!! Over the next 4 weeks we will witness some amazing shit.  Starting tomorrow with Milan-San Remo, then Ghent-Wevelgem, Tour of Flanders, and then capping off this party is Paris-Roubaix!

Lets see some smack talk in the comments. Any predictions? This next 4 weeks is my equivalent of March Madness and I can’t wait.

Waste some time with these:

A classic among classics: 1992 Milan-San Remo

Pure horsepower in the 2007 Gent Wevelgem

Stijn Devolder putting his mushroom stamp on the 2008 Tour of Flanders

George’s 2006 Paris-Roubaix bummer

Supposedly Vaughters will be updating his Twitter from the team car tomorrow at Milan-San Remo


Have a great weekend everybody! 

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15 thoughts on “It’s time.

  1. I tried to explain to a classmate what La Primavera was all about. He has no idea. I even showed him part of the 1992 Milan – San Remo, probably the same video linked above – Argentin’s attack on the Poggio and the subsequent chase down by King Kelly.

    He only shrugged and went back to his March Madness bracket.

    I like Boonen in most of April, but a win tomorrow would surprise me.

  2. March Madness? Fucking BASKETBALL? Jonny, these are GODS riding bolts of LIGHTNING, for the love of Oden, and this person would rather watch someone try to throw a ball into a stinking PEACH BASKET???!!! By all that is holy and all that is not, I don’t know what is WRONG with people sometimes.

    I think if I don’t get another drink (Bourbon on top of Vodka; will I die?) my head may explode.

  3. M-SR: Tyler F. There, I said it.

    The Hell of the North is my favorite, what an insanely stupid yet infinitely glorious event.

  4. That video of Hincapie crashing because his stem broke is just a pure example of why ‘ultra-light’ is bullshit; bike racing should never have gone that far into stupid-ville. It probably was a super thin carbon steer tube from his gram shaving team – and you try to ride rugged roads with ultra-light components. fucking sucks. Fuck carbon!

  5. i’m with you, brother. it’s that time of the year again, and i get amped. i’ve always wanted to leave you a comment to the effect of “try to catch me riding dirty,” but it seems to imply not only that we know each other, but that sometimes i ride you. further more, it also implies that i am embarrassed about it by daring one to catch me in the act of it. maybe it means other things. thoughts?

  6. I do not doubt the Force of Fabian. Count me in on betting for him. I sure do wish ESPN showed it, I had TV, Pacifico wasn’t $9 a six pack now, and that… well… I’m OK with hearing about it afterward, I guess. Fuck TV. River, bench, bike, beer. Sunshine. I’m good.

    Just wish I could walk into a ‘sports bar’ and see cycling on the TV, and not Korn-fuck-what’s his nuts. I’d punch him, and hard.

  7. littlejar – power in numbers, bro! if you get a group of even 5 buddies together to stay and drink and watch a race, the ol’barkeep will be most likely happy to oblige by keeping a channel on for you. just tip well! shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. works great come tour de france time, and serves as a bit of cycling advocacy when other clientele see it on the tube!

  8. 3rd— I recall reading that Gorgeous George snapped an alloy steerer at P-R ’06) Still, obviously either too light, crash-damaged or improperly installed. Maybe all three.