Thomas Dekker suspended for two years.

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Monaco’s Cycling Federation has handed a two-year suspension to former Silence-Lotto rider Thomas Dekker for an EPO positive that resulted from the re-testing of an old sample last year.

Dekker, who was licensed in Monaco, learned last summer that the UCI retested a sample from December of 2007, after doping officials found suspicious data in the rider’s blood profiles maintained as part of the governing body’s biological passport program. When the initial sample tested positive for Dynepo — a variant of EPO — Dekker denied using the drug, but then admitted to doping when the B-sample came back positive as well.
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This kid has talent. Too bad he didn’t steer clear of that douchebag Cecchini.

Dekker admitted two years ago that he had collaborated with the infamous Luigi Cecchini, an Italian physician who has been linked to allegations of doping.

For general information about Dekker / Cecchini relationship, doping investigations into Cecchini, and Cecchini distancing himself from his clients following doping offenses, read this: Cecchini wiki page worth reading as well.

Yep. Don’t go down that path. It looked bad from the word go. This is from March 16, 2006:

Dekker’s New Doc
Tirreno-Adriatico saw a young winner take the overall win in the form of Rabobank’s Thomas Dekker. This victory comes shortly after Dekker announced his association with renowned coach Luigi Cecchini. Speaking with British magazine Procycling about his decision to work with the Italian Dekker said “Cecchini is helping me with my training and nothing else. I am very ambitious, I want everything very quickly. Luigi shares that ambition.”. Now 61 years old, Cecchini has a reputation in the world of cycling for developing cycling superstars shared with his compatriot Michele Ferrari. Back in 1996, a number of Cecchini’s protégés shot to the forefront of the sport winning the Tour of Flanders, Tour de France and sweeping the podium at the Atlanta Olympics.
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Young Thomas has some time to think about things. We’ll see what happens upon his return to the ranks of professional cycling.

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    Perhaps it is from non-USA TV, as there is no langauge presented to identify the weak-suck ‘performance’.

  2. Oh yeah, back to Dekker:

    Good ol’ Dr. Cecchini, ethically pure as the driven snow – in his own mind.

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