Tuesdays with Dirty: like weeds, we will grow

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of us that are out there. The drunkcyclist family is everywhere and we are growing. I first started noticing this phenomenon a few years ago when I was just some guy wearing the jersey of my friend’s website. Countless people would hand me beers, pat me on the back, and say “GO DC!”. Now that I am behind the scenes and sitting at the grown up table  of this pill party, it is even more evident.

A few months ago, we get an email from SteveZ of the stomparillaz crew. I never met him in my life, but he was coming to my fair city and wanted to ride and drink beers. So we proceeded to do so.  Two complete strangers on the town with the only things in common being these little bikes and some little red cans . Good shit. Lets see some more of that. I wear their jersey with pride and this crew is welcome in my home any time. The reason I mention this encounter is because SteveZ sent me a little video today of a chance meeting he had with a member of the DC family. I don’t know the guy in the video, maybe Jonny or Gnome does, but this pretty much sums up every bike event I go to these days:

YouTube Preview Image

As for me, I got out for a couple rides this week and it has been glorious. The desert is turning green and the weather is cool and sunny. It was just pointed out to me that I have already ridden 3 of my 10 bikes today and it’s only 4pm. I still have plenty of time to ride me some more. But, I have a feeling this is going to be a long ride on the commuter to the pub. See you guys out there.

I’ll Leave you with one more video. It is an amazing piece that sums up the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo better than any words I could type.

Keep it dirty.

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds and single malt. Currently in Asheville, NC

16 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dirty: like weeds, we will grow

  1. Wicked cool. Hold on-“Tecate”? I’ll look for it. Never heard of it here in the East. Mostly we drink Yeungling. It ain’t bad, and it’s cheap and plentiful.

  2. Damn but that Yeungling is good stuff. Unfortunately, my only access to it is my bud in Indiana who gets it sent to him from HIS bud in New York. I felt bad drinkin’ more than one of his…but how I wanted more. Just turned to the Wingwalker I brought over, which wasn’t so bad.

    Beer and Bikes bring people together…ain’t it great.

  3. I live in PA and haven’t had a YIngyang since high school. Lord Chesterfield on the other hand…….. My man Slappy was the saint Handing out the PBR on course at SSWC 09′, rockin’ the Boombike on the trail.

    Beer is the grease for the gears of life. Keep it slippy Slappy!

  4. Slappy, fo sho, but I think it was from 24 Hours of Moab 2007? We had the extracycle out on course.
    SSWC’D9…? I really wanted DFL, I can tell you that much.

  5. beer and bikes, nothin like a lil puke in the mouth. . probably sswc scotland was the highlight for me.. after losing the right to host in stockholm to the Scots in the boat race beer drinking contest where someones’ rather prodigious lady-friend insisted on Guinness and downed two of them like they was air.. i attempted to stay in contact the night before the race in scotland and ended up puking off the bike riding back to the campsite . the next morning i was suffering the hangover like a wee school girl and didn’t even get organized to carry beer out to the race on my rack i kept on my bike after touring there. boy was i sorry after i’d raced the pain away and finished to no beer or liquid of any form and a long ride back to the after party. glad we solved that quandry in DUHranGO!!

    gosh how beer and bikes go together , STOMP