“Oh, no I didn’t!” says The Floyd

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I missed actually watching this program because 1) I pretty much can’t think of any reason to watch Larry King Live, and 2) I have no life. Now that we’ve cleared that up…

Landis appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live television show on Thursday night for an interview after the French justice system issued a warrant for his arrest in connection to a computer hacking into the French anti-doping lab’s system.

And, no surprise here, The Floyd says, essentially, “they tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no…”

Landis denied allegations by French Anti-Doping Lab (AFLD) director Pierre Bordry that his defense team used improperly obtained documents during the trial relating to his appeal of the doping charges.

The lab’s computer was infected with a “trojan horse” virus, and French authorities claim the virus was used by an external operator to obtain files from the lab pertaining to Landis’ case. Those files were found on the computer of a French expatriate living in Morocco.

Bordry claimed that the IP address of the computer of Landis’ coach Arnie Baker matched the IP address from an email which contained the virus. The pair were allegedly called to testify to the French court in the case, but failed to appear last summer.

They matched the IP address to Baker? Whoo boy, this might get interesting.

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15 thoughts on ““Oh, no I didn’t!” says The Floyd

  1. Is it true that Floyd has a drinking problem and this is one reason why he performed more poorly in NRC races than I did as a Cat 1? Wonder if he even rides on the days between races.

  2. Disclaimer I’m french and Hincapie is my fav rider.

    Before all of you freedomfries lovers start ranting about those crazy french hating those poor americans and that france is a third world country with a weak judiciary etc etc etc…

    Landis, for all his greatness, is but small fry in this inquest. This is a MAJOR industrial spying investigation, James Bond in Morroco style. At least three european governments, billions of dollars, defense industry and I guess we will see people commiting “suicide” or “accidents”… They want to talk Landis because he was a client, and a pretty minor one, that obtained files that will not get you killed.

    That’s all.

    PS, If you think our judiciary is weak, our ex-president is being questionned by judges and really risks prison – or a major fine and ineligibility – corruption. He is of the same party and a mentor of our actual president. Can you see McCain or even Obama sending Bush to prison?

  3. Gildas, please feel free to try Bush in a French court. We’ll gladly trade him for Roman Polanski.

  4. Man… sometimes I think my parents are disgraced. They raised me Mormon and now I drink and don’t go to church. I can’t imagine how Landis’ parents feel! :P

  5. Gildas – No hate for France here. People there are too nice and the place is beautiful.

    Polanski is a pedaphile (rapist) and should be castrated along with the rest of them.

  6. mmmm….freedomfries or french fries or belgian potatoes…whatever you want to call them, I love them. With a Staropramen. Heaven.

  7. I think Polanski should have been sent to prison in the first trial. The judicial process was a total scam, makes you want to beat up a Judge. Really insulting to the young girl… That fucking robe and wig accepts a plea bargain, then changes his mind, talk about prolonging the suffering of the victim… Fucking arsehole.

    And aside being a criminal, Polanski was a dum arse; thousands of legal girls would have gladly jumped into his sex stupidness with full conscent, and he picks a 14 year old. Wanker.

  8. And what the fuck has this bad movie kiddy fucker have to do with Landis? Did Polanski invent Le internet du hacking? Nooo, Al Gore did that.

  9. I think it was good old Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska— crooked as a stick in water— who best elucidated the internet as a series of tubes filled with kittens.

    Something about the weed they grow up there, it breeds awesome politicians. (And by “breeds,” I mean “inbreeds,” and by “awesome” I mean world class fucktards.” Just to be clear.)