I’m a corporate travel agent and I work from home, in the “after hours” department. Snowstorms like this mean I am on call to log in when they need me. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Right now I’m sitting here in my robe, typing up this post in between calls. There’s talk of sled riding later when I clock out.

I don’t see any outdoor riding for me in the near future, unless Dominic builds up my MTB. The frame needs one more clear coat and a day to dry and then it can be built. Maybe Sunday.

Yesterday I logged 3 very long hours on the trainer. That was the longest trainer ride I have ever done and it Sucked Ass. Next time I need to log that many hours, I’m going to break it up into two rides. My ass is fucking broke down.

I found this picture saved in my documents last night. I’m not sure where it came from or what year it was taken, but I think these ladies rock.

women on rollers old shot

Have a good week.

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8 thoughts on “Whiteout

  1. flapper girl gold sprints? No shit. Soon, we’ll see hipsters in drag because there are no limits to haterless awesomeness.

  2. 3hrs on the trainer? longest I’ve done would be about 10mins.. I hate the torture machine!

    It doesn’t ever snow here down under (not this part anyways).

    Suggestion: work whilst on the trainer. paid to ride pain machine = maybe slightly less crap.
    could make for interesting calls.

    and I very much rate the pic. bellville with sex appeal. hel yeah.

  3. I’ve done, I think, four hours on the rollers before. Took a leg stretching piss break at the two hour mark and got two more bottles of whatever it took to keep the legs turning circles. It has to be pretty shitty outside for that to become a viable option. But, four hours out in the shit is only going to ruin your equipment and health. Brake pads, drivetrain, and shoes do not last through such punishment. Cost benefit analysis, through and through.

    Personally, I can’t imagine I’d ever do it again. Time will tell, I suppose. But, for now, it doesn’t sound appealing in the slightest.

  4. Well, I took a foray into the cesspool of RBT with a link to this post, to see if someone might know where the pic is from.

    As usual, the rabble on RBT chimed in with insults and useless advice except for some REAL research from Ben (his response here)

    It’s from a 1928 german silent film called “The Carmen of Saint Pauli”. It’s about a women in the docks section of St. Pauli who seduces hapless cargo ship captains to allow her thug friends to loot the ship while she keeps him ‘occupied’. she works professionally as a roller racer in a bar where people bet on the outcome of her races.