The Big Show is coming….

This shit is going to be off the chain.

Get your tickets now!

Worlds is coming to town!!!! I’m so excited I just pissed myself!!! Last time I saw worlds was in ’94 I think in Vail? I cant remember the year but fuck. It was off the chain. Cross worlds??? Fucking forgetaboutit.

All I can say is bring your cowbell and irrigation boots.


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6 thoughts on “The Big Show is coming….

  1. i’ve been walking around with a boner all morning since hearing the news.

    this is unfucking real

    so cool

    and hey you know they have to have a World Cup event the year before on the worlds course, so, could be super double whammy, world cup, Masters Worlds, then WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!

  2. MM- If your talkin fresh fried ‘taters and you do not know the answer to that get the fuck outta here!

    You should proper define proper first though. Nothing proper in KY but bourbon and tobacco.