The More Things Change

The more they stay the same.


Everyone have a great weekend and be safe out there.

ps. this photo hijacked from


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9 thoughts on “The More Things Change

  1. Been to the Tour twice and I can attest, that would feel awesome on a few of those scorcher days. But the heels? They give me REAL bad blisters.

    Im betting its just water, and not some horribly sticky power-ade-drink-a-thon-re-ju-ju juice either.

  2. Who cares what the fuck Contador et. al. would do? I know what I would do. And what any sane male cyclist would do.


  3. Speaking of debaucherous acts of bicycle eroticism, Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound is soon going to release the venue for Flagstaff. After about 4 months of asking around the mostly staunch town I think we will have a great place to share our collection of DIY pornographic movies. Its coming up on Wednesday November 11th, Double Hockey Stick Day at an yet undisclosed location

    Plus Gold (Porn) Sprints?

    regarding the image… im torn, I think just about anyone is fare game for being hit by water, but being singled out for appearing sexy… does that encourage others to wear a bikini and heals? I donno, but I sure hope so. I think most big climbs could stand to have better scenery.

  4. Phil, it seems you’re not getting much action here.

    But don’t worry, the Flagstaff crowd will come out and play if you drag them kicking and screaming from Pay n Take.