More thoughts on Michael Vick

I hate to say it (and I hope I am above it) – I think that the finicky fans of Philadelphia will accept and celebrate Michael Vick’s signing and play if, and only if, the Eagles win. And, of course, after a year like last year, where the team played, and ultimately lost to, the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship game (aptly dubbed the Disbelief Bowl), there is only one more rung on the ladder – The Super Bowl. Going down 32-25 to the Cards in Phoenix was not the fitting end to the season for the Eagles. It was a nightmare end to the season.

On the upside, it made that tie to the Bengals seem tolerable by comparison.

Vick may have talent. Or, perhaps it is better said that he may have had talent. Can a man who spent a year and a half behind bars run a high-powered offense in the National Football League right out of the box? Yet to be seen, of course. And we will see soon enough, I guess, as McNabb promises to hurt something at some point and miss a few games. He always does, right? I’m going with “no, Vick cannot do it” for now. And, I do not expect that to change.

I think he’s going to flop. The Eagles are not known for picking up, retaining or nurturing talent. In fact, they seem to do just about all of it wrong. They have demonstrated a lack of foresight and planning in bringing complete maniacs on board (remember Terrell Owens? see,, the timeless classic of keeping players around till their long in the tooth (see, and not preparing for the eventual decline and retirement of said “long in the tooth” talent (see Eagles’ new-look offensive line runs into early injuries). The shake up the team desperately needs begins in the front office and trickles down from there.

Win the Super Bowl and all is forgiven. Anything short of that, and good luck with the Raiders next season.

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8 thoughts on “More thoughts on Michael Vick

  1. Seriously, that tie with the Bengals was the second worst football experience of my life. The first being when the dreaded Steelers broke Carson Palmer into tiny little pieces.

    The Bengals will have a good season. The Bengals will have a good season. If you say it enough, it has to come true.

  2. Ah Punisher, it’s all love baby, it’s all love. Did you click through any of the pics from the Wing Bowl? That looks like an event created for our enjoyment.

    I can see the headline now, Ron Mexico to Raiders….

  3. I started to click through the wing bowl pics and was promptly distracted by the nearby link to the photo set for the Lingerie Football League Tryouts. I was wholeheartedly enjoying myself until I got to the linewomen fetured in picture #13 in the set. No pink cookies there…just buildings.

  4. Prior to Vick, the Eagles had an ounce of respect. Now, the reality is that the Eagles are no better than the Raiders.