What the hell?

What the hell is wrong with Ron Paul, and Governor Perry of Texas when they start talking super crazy about maybe, you know, Texas should secede from the Union (mostly because they don’t like what Obama is doing).

Look, as we all know, elections have consequences. The major consequence of the last election cycle being that republicans got run out of office at all levels, and we, being the democrats, won. We get to run things for awhile, and if the “people” are so disenchanted with what Obama and the congressional democrats are doing (polls indicate that the American people as a whole are approving of what has been happening so far), then guess what? We’ll have a repeat of what happened in 1994 when the republicans rode roughshod over democrats in the mid terms (sort of like how democrats rode roughshod over republicans in 2006, and 2008).

Some folks, like Dr. Paul, need to pull their heads out of their asses. Talking about seceding from the United States is treason pure and simple. The examples he uses are apples to oranges as well.

We’re not even 100 days into Obama’s first term (there will be a second, you wait), and we’ve got Texas talking about seceding. What the fuck is going on down there? Are your state leaders gone insane?

Ron Paul going C-R-A-Z-Y

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64 thoughts on “What the hell?

  1. 100 days in, and already I’m finding myself sympathizing with what you liberal kids felt for the last 8 years.

    I realize the Bush presidency was a failed, ill-advised sham of leadership that possibly irreparably damaged the worldwide perception of this country, but its hard to say whether that was better than the pandering, non-existant leadership of Clinton that put us in the position Bush had to deal with.

    I was really hopeful when Obama came in and right away said he’d be kicking out the lobbists and reforming the ideal that money was running the gov’t…but he kinda went backwards on that in a big way.

    Hell…Texas might be right in jumping ship…the water is rushing in here awfully quickly…

  2. “What the fuck is going on down there? Are your state leaders gone insane?”


    Um, is this a trick question? Haven’t they been insane all along?

  3. Treason?

    Don’t you realize that this country was founded by people who thought for themselves and didn’t just take shit and give back a ‘thank you sir, may I have another?’

    “Talking about seceding from the United States is treason pure and simple.”
    — This sounds to me just like saying “if you don’t believe in everything our government says, you are a terrorist.”

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I DO NOT believe that Texas’s secession from the US of A is what the country needs right now.

    But what we DO need is people thinking for themselves and not just pandering to what the news media shoves down their throats. And honestly, this whole deal with Texas seceding is probably just a shiny piece of string to distract the general public away from realizing that the government just took away another one of your rights.


    Remember how Galileo was considered crazy for suggesting that the world is round and revolves around the sun? That seemed pretty bat-shit fucking loco at the time, too. That doesn’t mean it’s immediately bull.

  4. Awesome biking blog! Politics, guns, religion. Really refreshing. I think I’ll hop on over to a political site and see if I can get a review on the new Schwalbe tires.

  5. I’m with Matt to an extent on this one. Additionally Ron Paul is more a libertarian than a modern day republican. Do some research.

    I am all for secession. Fuck the US government. Let’s tear this place apart and start over. This country went to shit a long time ago.

  6. Hey man, don’t lump me in with the rest of the nutjobs down here. Governor Dumb-ass is just that. He’s just pandering to the teabag crowd (what are they protesting again?). It’s a game of, “What kind of stupid will come out of his mouth next?” He doesn’t want to take Stimulus money because some of it goes to extending unemployment benefits and educating brown people. You can thank Kinky Friedman for splitting the vote by running as an independent in the last election (although it would help if the Dems would put up a reasonable, non corrupt candidate.) Ron Paul, well he’s a result of the Houston Suburbs (like Delay…) Shouldn’t be let anywhere near our government, let alone be a representative. In the long run, Texas will turn blue. Too many urban areas. San Antonio is voting more and more like Austin and Dallas. Hispanics will be the majority throughout more and more of the state.

  7. Ron Paul is neither stupid, nor treasonous, and is really not attempting to insight succession, but merely reminding the citizens of this country every state actually does have the right to do so if they feel the Fed. is not supporting them properly.

    I’m not so big on all the Dr. Paul Kool-Aid, but a lot of his ideas are at least founded in actual credible facts.

    Go read up on this stuff.

  8. “I think I’ll hop on over to a political site and see if I can get a review on the new Schwalbe tires.”

    Mr. Crank-

    Let me know what you learn. I’ve been looking at their 26″ studded winter tires for a ski area application. The tires look awesome, but at 1 kg and $99 apiece, I’m still sitting on the sidelines.


  9. “they actually do have the right to secede. it is the texas constitution.”


    What does the Texas constitution say about sucking cock? I’m ignorant on this topic.


  10. “Ron Paul is neither stupid, nor treasonous, and is really not attempting to insight succession, but merely reminding the citizens of this country every state actually does have the right to do so if they feel the Fed. is not supporting them properly.
    I’m not so big on all the Dr. Paul Kool-Aid, but a lot of his ideas are at least founded in actual credible facts.
    Go read up on this stuff.”

    Mr. Ryan-

    The word is ‘incite.’ Go read up on this stuff.

    I’m sorry, this is just too easy.

    Helpfully yours,


  11. dutchie, actually it’s not. It’s a myth that the natives like to continue. There is a clause that Texas is only subject to the “constitution of the US” not the president or congress, but it is generally accepted that it’s rights are just like every other state. Any state can secede, but we aren’t under the Articles of Confederation, and the last time any tried to do that we fought a war and 620,000 people died. What they do actually have is the right to split into 5 states (no joke). It’ll never happen, because they’re all too proud of being from Texas.

    Perry is so nutso that he makes Hutchison look sane. I don’t like her politics much, but she’s at least pro-choice (which is quite probably why she wasn’t the VP nominee) and has a good chance of beating him. I want that fucker out of office. He is entirely in bed with the cement contractors and coal fired power plant lobbies.

  12. I apologize. I had an awesome little ride on the Trophy Bike today and several too many IPAs after.

    I don’t mean to offend any Texans. Well, okay maybe I do.

  13. Mikey,
    ups on the ride and IPAs. Don’t worry about me. I just live here. Anyways, I’m from California, where instead of just “thinking” we’re better than everyone else, we know it.

  14. The USA should preempt Texas’ secession by instead selling Texas a los narcos. That way American taxpayers could recoup all the countless millions of dollars of Ron Paul pork before kicking his ass to the street.

  15. Here’s another wonderful thing I’ve found. When you’re at your local sporting goods store, or any store that carries ammunition, take a look and see what’s available. Not much. And it’s solely because the gun nuts are buying it all up cause them dem’s be coming for their guns and ammo.

  16. I lived in (near) Ft. Worth, so I can honestly say without hesitation


    Let ’em go. They have nothing to contribute aside from SxSW and Shiner Bock.

  17. Yo Mikey, Still the best, the Hakkapalitta tire out of Finland. I ride Wisconsin year round, and they work on ice and soft snow. Front tire absolutely will not slide on you. Track stand on glare ice and leave them wondering what special magic, or two headed, three balled penis you got hidden under all that wool. I ride 700×35, but they have a 26×1.5 available. Lesson learned on snow tires, dont go too wide. You want them to cut through a little. Howz the discussion going? My family is from Texas. Never seen a more repressed, anti science, sexually void, unthinking pack of religibots. Gotta go ride.

  18. What’s wrong with Texas? Well for one thing it’s still got that spread mentality and can’t seem to come to grip with the fact that the US is a populated nation of cities with infrastructures and social responsibilities. Texans love to think of themselves in the past tense, ranchers out on their spread in the open range where you had to survive by being self sufficient, making it on your own, pulling yourself up by your boot straps. But the reality as most of us know is that modern society must rely on a government of elected citizens for it’s betterment of the whole. The last 8 years has proven once again that when government eases its influence then deregulates and allows a societal free for all not all benefit and most are excluded from the American dream. A let them “eat cake” mentality if you will so maybe Texas is the head that needs to come off in this social revolution and we can start with its governor.

  19. I agree in that Ron Paul is talking crazy but Obama is scaring the hell out of the American people with his extreme policies. At this rate I am wondering if he will even get through his first term let alone a second. I have many liberal friends and even they are getting nervous. Time will tell but the first 100 days have not been pretty.

  20. States rights are being threatened, what the fucking god damned hell do you expect? Not everyone likes taking it up the ass so much, so fuck you I say. Amendment X! Granting massive power to the Feds does not make us more safe, more productive or better off in any way that any fag on this site has ever explained. Go take it up the ass on your own time, fag.

    Nokian studded tyres are amazing, but I’d like to try the Top Contact Winter. They’ve got diamond bits or some shit molded right into the rubber!

  21. Here is one example. Allowing US citizens to travel to Cuba. Remember they had the nerve to choose their own government back in the 50’s? And then, they invaded the US at …..oh, that was us invading them. Well, then how about lobbyist reform? Or no more “no bid” government contracts going to Haliburton (Cheney)? Thats some pretty scary policy shift. Next thing you know, he will eliminate the tax loopholes for the wealthy, and force them to pay the SAME as the common man. I long for the days of republican domination where rights were stripped in the name of “national security”, the fat got fatter, no FTC accountability, rape-pillage-plunder-and rape. Manifest Destiny baby!

  22. I believe Bikepunk….I have been saying for years that the only good thing about Texas is Shiner Bock…until I discovered Shiner Black Lager at a liquor store in Sedona (WTF?) Two good things now.

    I did drink the Koolaid after seeing Freedom to Fascism before the primary and gave Paul the nod then, but unfortunately he is too extreme (or fucking way off-base)on many of his non-fiscal views.

  23. I’ll offer the same answer I was given for the last 8 years.

    Dont like what’s going on??
    Move to France you America hating traitor!!

    Not really, but it did feel nice to say. Why do republicans and conservatives hate America anyway??

  24. “If Texas wants to leave, don’t let the door hit them on the way out…”

    Amen, brother. Amen. We’d all be better off if we had just let Mexico keep that shit hole in the first place.

  25. WHOA, WHOA fellas. Get this shit straight. I know this is long but read through and THEN respond.

    Ron Paul didn’t support the Bush admin…actually he was less supportive of Bush in many ways. Ron Paul defends the Governor because talking about session or even proposing it is not unconstitutional, and Ron Paul supports free speech of ANY KIND without censorship (this site should appreciate that). If by some horrible miracle Bush would have stayed in office and kept pushing for power you would have called for his assassination. The reason he complains about Obama is that he’s doing more of the same and increasing our debt while doing it.

    1. Hes leaving troops overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq, which is costing us billions. WATCH THIS and then respond:

    2. We all know , hes not relinquishing any of the powers that he complained Bush abused…especially the ones dealing with executive power. see..

    3. Hes spending our generation into a tax slavery that will take decades to get out of with his stimulus and budget that he said he would cut in half, see:

    “The Congressional Budget Office, the nation’s official scorekeeper, says new spending and a worsening economy over the last six months will produce a $1.8 trillion deficit in 2009 — four times the previous record set in 2008, and $400 billion more than projected two months ago.

    Their 10-year estimate is also $2.3 trillion worse than Mr. Obama’s own budget predicted, prompting lawmakers on Capitol Hill to call the administration unrealistic.”

    4. He hoodoo’s the sheep of Americans by removing pay limits on bailouts early on in his term and then when the AIG bonus blew up he reset a $500,000.00 pay limit to appease the masses and then we find out that he’s setting up a loophole to keep those bonus’ going.


    So in summary…if you like paying half your earnings in taxes to fund corporations that are unconstitutionally owned by the government then great. If you like the Federal Reserve (who goes unregulated) controlling your bank and monetary policy then great. If you like sending troops overseas to die in a country that we haven’t declared war on then great. And lastly, if you hate personal privacy and don’t care about your civil liberties then your good.

    When Ron Paul commented about the Governors secession quote, which he said was not serious, then these are the grounds he goes by. When you say he treasonous for speaking out about government abuses that you sound like Bush supporters from 4 years ago. And, Taylor, you give me the list of Ron Paul’s pork…please.

    I like this site and would hope that it would be a harbor for free speech. I would say that if Washington had its way you might see that right go away. HTFU.

    Here’s Dr. Pauls voting record in congress:
    Ron Paul has never voted to raise taxes.
    He never voted for an unbalanced budget.
    Has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
    Has never voted to raise congressional pay.
    Has never taken a government-paid junket.
    Has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.
    Ron Paul voted against the Patriot Act.
    He voted against regulating the Internet.
    He voted against the Iraq war.
    He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
    He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year

  26. Yeah, Texas. Move to France. I grew up in that fucking cowpie of a bull-shit state, and it sucked ass. I hate it with all my heart. The way those fucks talk about their state like it’s so fucking sweet. well, it sucks. it smells like shit, the barbeque is make believe, and they don’t give a fuck about litter. Fuck them. fuck the texas and the horse it rides around on. I am a proud card carrying member of Society Hates All Texans, or SHAT, as it’s known, and I am the most Texist motherfucker ever. blow it up. shoot it. Fuck the Texas forever, and that stupid goddamn statue of george bush the 1st in the fucking houston airport. i wanted to tip that bitch over, but slipped on a cowpuckey on the run-up.

  27. And BTW…I know no one here is a smoker…but Ron Paul would be legalizing that shit in a second.

  28. Someone said that Obama is enacting some sort of radical agenda? Please do tell, what radical agenda? You mean that he has over 60% approval rating, so pretty much the opposite of what you say is true. The majority of the country believes, and trusts in what he’s doing. What rights has he taken away from us? None. Not to say that he won’t, but he hasn’t. It’s funny to see conservatives whining about their rights being taken away (when it actually hasn’t happened), but they were fine with the Bushies wiretapping the American public with no warrants, because, and I quote here many conservatives that I’ve talked to about this, “If you ain’t done nothing wrong, then why worry?” The only people who think Obama is enacting a radical agenda are those who aren’t paying attention to what he’s doing, and the Tea Party protesters who seem to think that Obama cutting taxes for the vast majority of us, somehow equates to increasing taxes. The reason I heard for them protesting is that, sure, they’ll get the Obama tax cut, but what if in the future I am rich? Then he’s going to sock it to me. Yeah, to the total of 3% increase. Which, if you’re making a ton of scratch, ain’t shit.

    100 days into Obama and the conservatives are already plotting ways to get him impeached. Not because he’s not doing a decent job, thus far, but because they’re out of power. Nobody was talking like this about Bush 100 days in, nobody. Why? Because 100 days only gives the broad strokes of what an administration may be about.

    Texas wants to secede, well, let’s pull all federal money out of there, and see how they manage without the helping hand of Uncle Sam, being that they get back over 80 cents for every dollar that they contribute into the federal coffers, while a lot of blue states, liberal states, only get back half of that, or less. In other words, us liberals tend to support the red states with our tax dollars. I for one, wouldn’t mind getting more back into my State.

  29. I think we should give Texas back to Mexico and build a fence around that shit so they can’t cross the border into our country…IMHO

  30. I was in San Antonio a few years ago and visited the Alamo. On that site are a series of panels that describe Texas history in a timeline. At the top of the panels are “The Flags That Have Flown Over Texas.” As you can imagine, there isn’t a US Flag anywhere on that display. Also, the date Texas joined the Union (which most states called their “admissions day” as in the day they were admitted to the Union) is listed as “Texas annexed by the US.”
    Explains a LOT.

  31. Very nice Brody @ 33. A Ron Paul work is next on my reading list…gotta finish up some HST first.

  32. This comment thread once again confirms that Ron Paul and his acolytes are batshit-crazy.

    Crank & schultzie- great info on winter tires. I cut and pasted it, I’m gonna put together something to ride around the Pass next winter. I could go 700C since my ‘cross bike is easier to carry up to the building than that heavy-ass fullie.

  33. mrbill, You must be new here! You should have been around for the recent gun conversation. This one is soft!

  34. “fullie” = full-suspension bicycle. Heavy. Pain in the ass to carry uphill in snow.

  35. Ron Paul has a lot of good things to say. I didn’t hear anything too “crazy” in the posted video. Watching one of the Republican primary debates, I have to say he was the only one that had anything intelligent to say. The others just kept repeating ” Ronald Reagan” like a bunch of fucking parrots! Like it was a contest to see who could work it into the debate the most. I wonder if someone was holding a counter for that? I’m not sure I would vote for him, but I’m glad that he voices his opinion. At least he says things that encourage people to think for themselves, while most politicians are busy gathering the heard. Which is why he doesn’t stand a chance at a presidency…
    If Brody’s post is correct on his voting record in congress, it would appear to me that he is far more intelligent than most of his “distinguished” collegues! Or more well informed. Or perhaps both!

  36. Brody – just a quick note re: message moderation. WordPress tags anything with “several” hyperlinks (I think it’s 4 or 5) thinking it could be spam. I think your message got stuck in that holding pattern for a bit. Looks to be sorted now. We try not to block anyone out ’round here.

    And, I loved Ron Paul in the debates. I may not always agree with the man, but at least I believe him. And that can be a very big difference.

    Carry on…

  37. Ron Paul says what needs to be said.

    If only the sheeple of this country would wake up and listen.

  38. Ron Paul is pretty much a kook, but like Jonny, I agree that I do believe the words coming out of his mouth. I don’t care that he didn’t support Bush much at all, I think his ideas about how our country is supposed to be would be dangerous to our country.

    Nobody is saying that Gov Perry and Paul can’t say these things, as someone alluded to about this being about free speech. It’s not. It’s called being traitors to your country. Say all you want, but don’t expect people to not notice when you talk about severely radical ideas like seceding from your country, essentially because you don’t like who is running it (as is what Perry is doing).

  39. I don’t think “kook” is fair. Compaired to any other Republicans getting any air time, I’d say he seems pretty level headed… I know you don’t like what is coming from his mouth, but he’s just defending the right to have the conversation, which is about as American as it gets! Kind of scary to hear a politician talk about the collapse of the dollar, but there’s some truth in what he’s saying. That’s why he’s not that popular, even with his own party. He’s too strait forward, and there’s no place in government for THAT!

  40. Hey Bowl Of Dick!…. You a friend of Stevil’s? That sounds like an appointed title!

  41. What’s Mount Rushmore got to say about all this?…. Nevermind, I probably don’t want to hear it!

  42. As a current resident of Texas, I object to the ideas of Texas being given to France or Mexico, basically because I really don’t want to enjoy the fun of relocating at the moment.

    Aside from that, I can’t argue much against the rest of the statements. This state is pretty damn dead on sterotypically speaking, from what I have seen. People have all been friendly at least.

    I also need to add, it is generally pretty flat, and windy as fuck. At least the temperatures are warm. Must add that about every other vehicle on the roads seem to be a dualie or similar giant ranch vehicle. Starting to wonder how many actual ranchers there are.

    As for the state politics, I am suffering some political OD and just covering my ears for now, I don’t think my brain can handle it.

    There is certainly no doubt where you are when in Texas, since it is in your face in a big tex kind of way.

    Hey, wait, maybe everyone shouldn’t be knocking Texas so much. Didn’t the worlds all time greatest, super awesome bicycle racer come from here?

  43. “every other vehicle on the roads seem to be a dualie or similar giant ranch vehicle. Starting to wonder how many actual ranchers there are.”



  44. “DIMPL-BITTS!!” Where do you come up with this faggot shit? Are you from Vermont?

  45. Texas is downwind of (nuke) Phoenix. Perfect.

    I love this shit from Brody…

    Ron Paul has never voted to raise taxes.
    He never voted for an unbalanced budget.
    Has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
    Has never voted to raise congressional pay.
    Has never taken a government-paid junket.
    Has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.
    Ron Paul voted against the Patriot Act.
    He voted against regulating the Internet.
    He voted against the Iraq war.
    He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
    He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year

    …Especially cast against his RuPaul’s very fiscally conservative earmark record:

    1. $25,000 for the Brazoria County Sheriff to establish a “Children’s Identification and Location Database.”
    2. $8 million for the marketing of wild American shrimp.
    3. $2.3 million for shrimp fishing research.
    4. $3 million to “secure the acquisition of the McGinnes tract, protecting its critical natural resources and helping consolidate refuge inholdings.”
    5. $5 million to expand the cancer center at Brazosport Hospital.
    6. $200,000 for the Matagorda Episcopal Health Outreach Program to fund a “National Health Service Corp Scholar.”
    7. $4.5 million to study the effects of the health risks of vanadium.
    8. $3 million to test imported shrimp for antibiotics. (Does anyone think there is a big shrimp industry in Paul’s district?)
    9. $10 million to repair the Galveston railways causeway bridge.
    10. $1.18 million for “Personalized Medicine in Asthma”
    11. $100,000 for a “data-driven automated system for nursing students on the Texas Gulf Coast.”
    12. $257,000 to “prepare graduates from the doctoral program at the University of Texas Medical Branch School of Nursing to assume faculty roles in schools for nursing with a deficient number of doctoral level faculty.”
    13. $1.4 million to buy buses for the Golden Crescent Regional Commission.
    14. $2 million to buy buses for Galveston.
    15. $5 million for highway spending.
    16. $2 million to replace facilities for Galveston bus service.
    17. $3 million to replace facilities for the Golden Crescent Regional bus facility.
    18. $2 million to repair the Galveston trolley.
    19. $2.14 million to renovate the Edna Theater.
    20. $13 million for I-69 highway project.
    21. $30 million the Texas Maritime Academy to refurbish a ship.
    22. $4.5 million to maintain Cedar Bayou. Plus another $9 million
    23. $15 million for “construction at GIWW Matagorda Bay.” Plus another $5.8 million
    24. $100,000 to maintain Chocolate Bayou.
    25. $2.5 million to maintain Double Bayou.

    The great corporate auction that is American democracy continues. Especially in Texas.

  46. I think we’re missing out on a golden oportunity here. What we do is, we sell Tejas to Mexico, interest-only, adjustable rate with a bigg-assed balloon payment in five years. When Mexico defaults (you know they will) we repossess it, clean it up and flip it. We should be able to do this maybe five or six times at least.

  47. Even better-Get Mexico to put their country up as collateral. After they default we sell it as a handyman’s special. Bonus-Most of their bricklayers, painters, drywallers, landscapers and like that are here. Now there are jobs in Mexico that they can go back to.