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9 thoughts on “Family Sucks.

  1. The ever popular stud monster Kurt Reynolds has no doubt ravaged his way out of those balls to greet this world with a completely unfair advantage over the rest of us. That’s right folks he has a built in sweater vest with thermal characteristics far superior to merino wool. This succulent silver bellied ensemble has even been known to catch fur, uh fire, at will to scare it’s enemies into uncontrollable fits of laughter. Magnum had two guns – one below and one above his belt. Kurt Reynolds has the silver chestcloak of invincibility.

  2. …i think this whole foto n’ post has brought me a little closer to gayness (not that there is any***…well fuck, you know the drill)…

    …this is not the direction i wanted to go in, what w/ there being about 150 guys w/ shaved legs & lycra shorts about to ride all over the local hills, starting this weekend…

    …guess i’ll have to go up to santa rosa & watch the womans crit to get all manly again…

  3. Burt Rendaddy makes me look like I have problems growing a beard. Mother fucker is bringing the shag every day of the week. Shit. Dude’s knocked more tail than I’ve drank cans of cheap domestic lager.

    And that’s saying something….

  4. He must have gotten the tattoo after that pic, but it was dark the last time we hung out so maybe just a mole or something, prob just got airbrushed out.