Motherfucking holy motherfucking shit !!!

If you have not read the book “Dreams for my Father” by President Obama, this might make you want to. He grew up with a bi-racial friend ‘Ray’ who defined himself with language. He would curse like a sailor.

This is all fine and good, but the fun REALLY begins when you find out that President Obama READ FOR THE RECORDING OF THE AUDIOBOOK.

Ladies and gentlemen… I give you The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Ignorant mothers.
Nothing on me.
Get your own fries.

HUGE thank you to popurls and April Winchell for this. This made my weekend, and its only 11 am on friday.


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8 thoughts on “Motherfucking holy motherfucking shit !!!

  1. ‘Original’ is a matter of where you found it first, IMHO. I got it thru popurls, and its from the same day, so who is to say who got it online firstest.

    Still makes me laugh loudly either way.

  2. the President of United States using language that would finish Cheney off once and for all


    no Word Perfect