Any given Sunday

One last day of freedom. And what am I doing with it? Reviewing last semesters outlines and previewing this weeks readings. Anything is better than thinking about the Eagles-Giants game that kicks off in another hour.

It had to be the Giants.

If the Eagles win, they will come to Arizona and play the Cardinals. The Phoenix Cardinals. The team that, for the first time in their history, has won two playoff games in the same season. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. If someone had read the tea leaves four months ago and said to me, “Philadelphia will play the NFC Championship game in Phoenix” I would have thought they were full of shit.

Whatever. If you burn it, they will come:

From: Pépin
Hi Big Jonny.
This is the country I’m from … and the original Bernard HINAULT, Louison BOBET, Jean ROBIC, Frédéric GUESDON birth one.

Yeah. Looks pretty much bad ass from where I’m standing. And, I’m really just sitting.

From: Chris
emo bashing (because it’s easy)





Yeah, I’ll say it’s easy. There’s a lot of love in this room tonight. Can you feel it?

From: Lukas
Subject: Team IMBA
Big Jonny,
Four of us intrepid Mooseknucklers are hoping to raise a bit of money for IMBA by riding for them in Old Pueblo. I was hoping you might be so inclined to give us or Team IMBA a shout out to help with said efforts. I don’t feel it necessary to bore you with the reasons why so I’ll leave you with a link and a thank you for the Drunk Cyclist site, it keeps so many of us sane…

Link to donate,…

The Mooseknuckler Alliance

Right on. Keep fighting the good fight.

File this next one under “public service announcement.

From: Mr. Bill
Subject: English lesson for today
How to pronounce Oklahoma correctly:

I never knew this. I guess I had been pronouncing it correctly, but I never knew the story behind it.

There is a right way and a wrong way to pronounce Oklahoma

The proper way is:
‘ Okla . . .Homa
(There’s a pause between the ‘a’ and the ‘h’.)

See the illustration below.


There, you Learned something today!


Sir, we owe you a debt of gratitude. I don’t know where we’d be without you.

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5 thoughts on “Any given Sunday

  1. I grew up on the Giants. Total fan, win or lose.

    And I truly hate the Eagles. From the day I watched this


    My prediction: Eagles 21 – Giants 17.

    Just a bad vibe I have.

  2. For the Giants, I think it’s all about two words: Plaxico Burress.

    He will be missed.

    And for the Eagles, this is the team that came up with a tie against the 4-11-1 Cincinnati Bengals. That was inexcusable. That should not have happened. It shows a weakness on the part of the team and the coaching staff. They went in to that game expecting an easy one, and they got a football game instead. You cannot go to sleep in the national football league and expect to win championships.

    Was it a monetary hiccup? I hope so. And, we’ll see in a half hour.

  3. thanks for the Oklahoma correction.
    Previously, I has always thought the correct pronunciation of Oklahoma could only be done, correctly, at least… in a double wide while holding a meth pipe, after just having returned from the Allsup’s.