I’m broke, too.

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Hey, listen —

Most folks know that when you ask someone for something, you have to give them something in return. It’s pretty fucking basic. Maybe it has to do in some way with the 3rd law of physics. I know, gutter punks think that because they eat from the dumpster, they don’t have to pay for any other shit, but bro — how many day-old bagels did Hot Topic make you give them when you bought those Edward Scissorpants?

Whatever. You want something? Me too. Don’t get me wrong – I’m really fortunate that people like and sometimes want to have some of my shit – but i can’t send my landlord a fucking drawing and just expect shit to be cool.

Here you go.

Chapel Hill.  Hip-Hop show.  Reservoir Bar.
Chapel Hill. Hip-Hop show. Reservoir Bar.
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16 Replies to “I’m broke, too.”

  1. “Edward Scissorpants”

    I was laughing so hard at that bit, i think I pee’d a bit in my shorts.

  2. They had fair warning,
    those smug flamingo bastards.
    Who is laughing now?



    He went through the lot of ‘em like a lawn mower. A fucking lawn mower! Every night when I close my eyes, all I see is their tiny pink bodies being ripped to pieces. Over and over again! And their screams. Their fucking screams!

    How’s that for a waiting-for-dinner quicky?

  3. secretly wanting,
    dave suppresses the feelings
    but still keeps flirting.

    his yearning for gnome
    just can not be extiguished.
    burning flame. so queer.

  4. Sing though me, goddess,
    the sweet wrath of the gnome,
    son of cycling.

    The Gnome was once a
    category one state champ.
    Have you forgotten?

    The guy could pound it,
    for hours in the saddle.
    And you call him short.

    You should fear the gnome.
    He will half-wheel you straight
    to the gates of hell.

    Bewildering fat,
    and lungs rattling with fire,
    I sip my coffee.

  5. …a cold nasty day..
    …a mouthful of fleeting insults…
    …where is the sunshine ???…

  6. …fly like the eagles…
    …cowboy guns can’t touch you w/…
    …romo on his knees…

  7. …there once was a mouth from marin…
    …whose ellipsitical use was a sin…
    …he dotted the page…
    …in grammatical rage…
    …despite content considerably thin…

    …(ok, i’m gonna stop now)…