What’s happening in my hood…

Fears of a recession and economic deflation got you down? One thing’s for certain- your bike won’t lay you off! December in Arizona is HOT! Yes, it will be around 80 degrees and that will be pretty enticing if you’re freezing yo ass off in blizzard conditions somewhere. But I’m talking about HOT EVENTS.

Chad Brown’s throwin down with the Kentucky Camp Epic on December 13, 2008.

Here’s the profile for one loop at 34 miles. If you like a challenge, sign up for two laps!

And my man Yuri in Phoenix has his own event the following Saturday, December 20th. Not so much a race as it is an endurance event with friends. How often do you get to stop and smell the roses, or drink some beers or even have a safety meeting trailside while enjoying your surroundings?

Behold, the Phoenix Endurance Event

PEE Profile

Hope to see you there!

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6 thoughts on “What’s happening in my hood…

  1. What with budget cuts and all the elevation won’t be like last year but we’ll make up for it with distance and bunny hoppin homeless guys

  2. As my amateur pyrotechnician friends say, “stay green.” Safety is extremely important on trail rides.