Foreign Policy experience

fiest let’s have a small geography lesson…

from the pic…

“When asked about foreign policy insights into Russia Gov. Sarah Palin stated during an ABC News interview on Sept.11, 2008, “They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.” Yes you can see Russia from an island off the coast of Alaska but then again Russia is the biggest country on Earth not to mention the capitol of Russia is on the other side of the fucking world. To Illustrate how shitty this reasoning is I have constructed this map to show haw far away Sarah Palin’s home town (Where she did most of her work as governor) is from Moscow, the capitol and economic center of Russia”

And as for the comment that it is ‘Our closest border’ that argument holds even less water. Do you know what lurks there? Nothing. Fucking nothing. Don’t believe me? Fucking google map it, bitch. Nothing there.

If you want to know how fucking removed from any developed part of Russia it is, rent ‘Long Way ‘Round’; a documentary about riding a motorcycle from London to New York, thru russia, Mongolia, and the true ass-end of nowhere.

After that, maybe, just MAYBE you will understand how idiotic a statement it was to have made by the potential Veep, and possible First President of the US. Its the equivalent of hiking into the Grand Canyon, and then claiming your pissing in the river helped relieve the drought in Los Angeles. It’s the same as saying because you got drunk at Oktoberfest, you are an fluent in German and it’s culture. In other words, it’s a load of stinking shit.

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13 thoughts on “Foreign Policy experience

  1. Being Canadian, eh, I’m OVERJOYED that Ms Palin considers Russia to be her “nexr door neighbor”. Hopefully she doesn’t even know where we are on the map!

  2. this is the kind of crap that discredits those of us who are opposed to the current republican ticket.

    50% of the locations shown in comparison to Wasilla on that “map” are only lacking in proximity to Moscow by less than 7% (300mi or 45 minutes on a small plane) as Wasilla yet the graphic is intentionally misleading in the scale of the linework representing the distances – hardly demonstrating a point – other than this is a good example of the kind of ineffective arguments that are all too typical of my democratic party.

    so Palin said you can see Russia from an Alaskan island – big deal. it’s the truth. but hardly an argument for foreign policy experience. so instead of making a pointless and misleading geographical argument, wouldn’t it be more effective to highlight her foreign policy experience – or lack thereof…. using information that is factual and credible….?

    i hate to say it, but if the democratic party as a whole and specifically the Obama campain don’t start taking the high ground soon and give up the childish sandbox insults (ie the game the repubs are better at) then we can all look forward to an even more religously riteous and self governing administration than we currently have. which, will be just great for foreign policy.

  3. Hear what you’re sayin Mitch, but Palin is such a great candidate for this sort of fodder — she is such a twit. And the best the republicans can do is try to call Obama a flipflopper. They’re trying to run the same campaign they did last time and it’s just not the same game.

    And yes, the dems are pretty good at this, just ask Dan Quayle. Palin deserves no less treatment. Sure you can see Russia from remote parts of Alaska, but I doubt she’s been there. And the fact that Canada is closer, a lot closer, like sharing a huge contiguous border closer, just underscores how dumb she is and unsuitable a candidate.

  4. Does she know that Alaska has been apart of the US energy supply for Decades? She acts as though oil from Alaska is new and a result of her 20 month term and the cure for foreign oil?

    Since its completion in 1977 (memo to Palin that is over 31 years ago), the pipeline has transported over 15 billion barrels (2.4 Tl) of oil. That is roughly 13 % of total domestic oil. Not 20% and only 3.5% of total domestic “ENERGY” production.

    So Gore invented the internet (Reps are every bit as good at “this” too Basso)

    McCain invented the Blackberry

    And I guess Palin built the pipeline??? The pipeline is gods will?/ I mean God put her in office to build it. and it’s warmth attracts Caribou and wolves it does not kill them.

    Santa Claus did you say Santa Claus? How dare you Jonny don’t you know that Dec 25 is not his birthday? It JC’s…

    And oh how the middle American minivan driving, i support the troops more than you crowd eats her shit. That is what frightens me

    I mean Sarah Palin poaches Salmon in the offseason by convincing them it’s in their interest to jump into the boat.

  5. believe it or not, the general public does, for the most part, have a functioning lump of moist matter between their ears. the problem is that it becomes stupid when it’s spoken to like it’s stupid.

    while all politicians love a capitulating audience, the dems are far better at speaking to us as if we can rationalize and understand the dialogue put forth. they need to use this to their advantage and function as a partner of the people – not as a savior or a protector.

    both parties have their merrits and weaknesses and the best we could ever hope for is the merrits of both working together simultaneously.


  6. is that all you can come up with, petty things like that ?
    are you scared of the inevitable sheep? the majority will see thru O’s background, and he will be a footnote in history.

  7. Vote McCain Palin, if you want. It might be a good idea – when war begins with Iran, you might be one of those drafted. You might then, if you come home alive, have some foreign service experience added to your resume that qualifies you to be a maverick and you can run for president. Your wife could pray for you to win gods war every day run for mayor and she could be qualified to be VP.

  8. damn, shit’s get’n thick. i tell you what – give me a good cause and this johnies got his gun all fuck’n day long. draft – fine. but they better have swung first.

    i had a drink or 5.