RIP Rider Down

I was having a great Friday morning until I heard about an accident blocks from our house. As a corridor for cyclists and commuters alike, fear struck me that a cyclist was involved. I ride through this area several times a week and with a deteriorating road way, motorists headed to the University, it’s a recipe for disaster. My thoughts and prayers go out this teen’s family.

Everyone please be safe out there and when you’re riding be sure to wear a helmet, obey the laws of the road and keep your head on a swivel.

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Another cyclist toiling away in graduate school. Go figure. Tucson, Arizona, USA

4 thoughts on “RIP Rider Down

  1. Another biker down and the driver is not cited. This shit gets old. It’s not like it is too difficult to figure out what happened. According to the article the bus driver killed the kid when he was making a right turn. Whether the bus driver turned into the path of the cyclist or ran him over as he was standing still, the bus driver is still at fault.

    They need to start enforcing the laws on the books and charging drivers who kill cyclists with negligent homicide, or reckless driving, or at least an improper turn. It might actually result in drivers being just a little more careful around cyclists.

  2. I love the wording of this article.

    “It is not clear if Robinson-Barajas was moving or stationary when he was pulled underneath the bus as it made a right turn onto Fort Lowell.”

    Does it matter if he was moving or stationary? It’s presented as if the bus had every right to make the turn and Barajas happened to be in the way. The bus made a right hand turn and ran him over. Period.

    Wait, there’s more great, unbiased journalism, “He was run over by the right rear tire and pronounced dead at the scene, Middleton said. It did not appear as though he was wearing a helmet.”

    Again, it’s the cyclist fault. If only he had been wearing a 14oz piece of foam on his head, he would have been fine… Me thinkith not.

  3. You know I could have sworn I read a huge press release not too long ago about how AZ’s new 3-foot passing law was going to eliminate all cyclist deaths in the Grand Canyon State. Well it turns out those promises were about as empty as the Grand Canyon, eh?

    And why was there an accident reconstruction team on site for hours? Is someone trying to cover something up?