RideClean Wins U.S. Elite Time Trial!

Jonathan Chodroff, who will be guest riding with RideClean at the upcoming Tour of Utah has won the U.S. Elite Time Trial Championships! Congrats to the latest RideClean member!

Here is the Velonews (Aug 7th, 2008) story:

Elite Men
In the elite men’s time trial, second-year racer, Jonathan Chodroff (CRCA-Empire Cycling Team) took the gold with a time of 44:14.80 seconds on the 33-kilometer course. Mike Olheiser (Memphis MotorWerks-Cervello) was second in 45:09.50 and Andy Jacques-Maynes (California Giant Berry Farms) turned in the third best time at 45:14.00

A former collegiate rower, Chodroff was 15th last year in the U23 men’s event where he raced without any time trial gear. This year, he came in with not only the right gear, but good results, such as his win at the Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic. “I knew I always had the power and a big engine,” he said. “It was just a matter of learning how to get in the right position to show that.”

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9 thoughts on “RideClean Wins U.S. Elite Time Trial!

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  2. I love how this is a race to pretend you are the fastest in the USA, Naaa, there is no 5-ring shadow hanging over these jerseys.

    Had the big guns showed up in the top 10 would have been a whole different set of names, our national title is a joke.

    Bravo USA cycling for scheduling this for when nobody was home, it’s a good thing nobody knew there were these pesky olympics starting this weekend, who would show up at those anyway.

    Also Amber Neben would have destroyed the womens field had not Bejing been on the schedule.

  3. slacker – these were the amature elite nationals – the u.s. pro champs are at the end of Aug – early Sept..

  4. But on that note about the mens, isnt it odd that almost every competitive country in competitive cycling has their Nationals the week before the TDF when everyone is in form compared to the end of the season when some if not most are done.

  5. …if ya really wanna talk bad timing…who was the dim bulb who scheduled the “carrera de san rafael” here in norcal for today, when the “elite nats” are going on in socal…

  6. I saw some of the youth on Friday Road Race. There were some 12U kids truning some power and flying.