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I give Lance Armstrong a lot of shit, but this time I gotta give him some props: He’s gonna do Chris Carmichael like Snake does me.


He did, however, engage in a little trash talk with coach Chris Carmichael, a Leadville veteran who will compete again this year.

“I know I can beat Carmichael. I will be home and showered and probably three beers in by the time Carmichael makes it in.”

I have it on good authority that Carmichael has lost a grand each of the last two years with his failure to come in under nine hours. He’s back here with me in the “never gonna sub nine” club.

That said, he’ll probably ride an 8:20 and make me look like a fat fuck.

Which, of course, I am.

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6 thoughts on “LA Times

  1. L 100 is a balls race props to anyone finishing; fat fucks included.

    But that is not shit talk. That is powder puff good old boy back slapping or pole smoking. Apples to oranges in the real world

    I was hoping CC was losing his shirt in his business when I first read this. Still not sure how one gets people to sign up for over 2 GR a week to tell them to train longer in a higher cadence is a complete scam.

    Remember CC on OLN? We have Lance’s coach CC with us to talk about training at this level: CC: “Bikers in the TDF burn more because they ride hard so they have to eat more” “back to you AL”

    Dude is a Tard

  2. butthead is right- finishing Leadville revokes your “fat fuck” card for a month at least.

    Me, I could finish in under nine hours… on a moto. Maybe.


  3. yeah,

    but Carmichael is very fucking good with a syringe; he’s had lots of fucking practice on injecting Juniors, you know, thinner veins and all

    I think we should have an Injection Contest, and pit these two master of the syringe against each other; Carmichael v. Armstrong. May the best doper win.