If you know Masuimi like I knew Masumi…

Well, actually, I don’t know Masuimi at all. But she cracks my shit up anyway.

“I Hate Ted Nugent!”
Morat and I went to the Ted Nugent show last night at the House of Blues.. ONLY because Morat had to review the show for Classic Rock magazine, NOT because we wanted to go. I didn’t know too much about TN till last night, now I know enough to tell you I FUCKING HATE HIM and EVERYTHING he stands for. He had a bunch of dead animals on stage, (I’m pretty sure some of them were fox’s because I could see their faces) draped over his guitars and even had a fox tail coming out of his ass! No, really, he did! What did he do shove one of them up his ass along with his head? As I’m wondering what the fuck is up with the dead animals on stage he starts gyrating his hips so the fox tail sticking out of his ass is swaying as he shouts into the microphone – “I can’t shoot them so I shit them out my ass.” You can’t shoot them because they are endangered you ASSHOLE!

We didn’t stay for the entire show, it seemed like it would never end. After each song he was either plugging the military to get a cheap cheer or cracking jokes about blacks or bragging about killing animals, some of them endangered!!! He even ranted on for a bit about killing coyotes, here’s another beautiful quote – “You get yourself a 22 pistol with a silencer and at around 3 am when everyone is drunk you get yourself a McDonald’s bag and stick your gun in it and shoot every one of them on Mullholland Drive.”

I sometimes write notes for Morat, especially when he has to photograph and review a band/show and the funniest thing happened to me while I was writing the quote above. A guy walked up to me and said “What are you writing for?” and before I could answer him he started to walk away! Now, I had had enough by then and I grabbed the guy, spun him around and told him it was rude to ask a fucking question and then walk off before he could hear the answer! He stared at me dumbfounded and asked again, “Well, what are you writing for?” So I said “Because I can”. This reminded me of a sketch by comedian Bill Hicks going off on a rant about some lady asking him what he was reading for, not what he was reading! LOL

And last but certainly not least – Ted Nugent is a fucking asshole racist. He kept joking around about how he used to be a little black boy – what the hell does that mean? That’s not even funny! TN then went on to talk about how beating up Rodney King was a waste of sticks, that he should have just been shot. WTF??? Then he pointed out the only black guy in the crowd and proceeded to pick on him and make even dumber jokes.. quote – “I’m glad I’m not the only black man in the building” I tuned out the rest, we left while he was blabbing on about being black.. I have never been to a show where the singer had to mention the military or joke about black people just to get the audience to cheer. Morat and I were definitely out of place and it was time to leave before things got really ugly. I have a violent temper and zero patience for people that think that type of behavior is cool.

When we were leaving we told the security why we were leaving and they said they were ashamed to be working there. I couldn’t believe the House of Blues would allow that sort of thing to go on at their venue. After doing some research on TN, Morat and I would have NEVER agreed to go to that show, I know for a fact that Morat would have turned down that review. Oh well.

Luckily, there weren’t that many people at the TN show last night and the ones that were there should be dying off fairly soon.. I’m so glad the younger generation wasn’t interested, it’s good to know that there aren’t that many stupid people in Los Angeles!

TN fans, don’t bother defending him here, your comments are NOT welcome.

If you want a little more Masuimi in your life (and who wouldn’t after reading that) take a look at her website. You can thank me later.

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20 thoughts on “If you know Masuimi like I knew Masumi…

  1. The extent of that asshole’s act is pretty much just being an asshole. It sounds like he’s found a way to kick it up a notch. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the psyhcotic asshole!

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  3. Uncle Ted was born in 1948. Would have been a help to us in Nam. Wonder where his spine was then.

  4. He had a student deferment. Yes, he was too chicken shit to go to Viet Nam, but now he’s the most jingoistic asshole around. Well, him and Toby Keith.

    As for Masuimi’s statement—are foxes really endangered? Not all of them, I would assume. And I do believe the US government has no problem culling coyotes, wolves, and lots of other animals.

    Meat tastes good. Venison tastes awesome.

  5. Fucking chickenhawks! Ted Nugent and Toby Keith are hypocritical twats, and I can’t stand what either of them represent. Willfully uneducated jackasses.

    Some foxes are endangered or threatened in some areas, and those should be protected. Coyotes are still culled in many places. I can’t see one being very good eating, though. Not like a horse. I keep threatening to have a horse roast. The only problem is finding the person to sell me their glorified lawn ornament for eating purposes. BBQ horse brisket… oh yeah.

  6. I never did like that guy, or his music. He was up in these woods (north shore of Lake Superior)for hunting season several years ago. He was easily recognizable with his zebra painted 4×4. The small french community where he based his hunt out of went nuts for him…

    I am a meat eater and a hunter. Supper last night consisted of venison and pickerel, (ahem, walleye for those of you south of the 49th parallel. But his arrogance and stage persona dont do a thing to help as a hunting advocate. PLEASE dont think that all hunters behave with this arrogance. FTN INDEED!

  7. TN leaves me embarrassed for Waco.
    David Koresh, TN, and W’s compounds are/were within 20 miles of each other.

    He used to have some Gtr chops, not sure what happened to those.

  8. ted nugent::: little dick X big guitar & “too many guns + bullshit attitude = major dipshit…

    …yup, jusr sayin’…

  9. Your hate for hunting and your statement suggesting that all foxes are endangered throughout the US, leaves me wondering if the rest of your rant contained gross inaccuracies based on your own prejudices to hunters and hunting.

    I don’t condone statements against any group. But I find it difficult to believe the man a racist. For over a decade Ten Nugent has been working with inner city kids, through his nonprofit Kamp for Kids, exposing them to his love of hunting.


    Don’t know if this picture will show so here is the link:

  10. I don’t think Ted is a racist, either. He does work with inner city kids, and he LOVES the blues. I remember seeing him on that stupid VH1 “supergroup” show. He went to House of Blues or something and was overjoyed to play guitar with some old black bluesman. No, I doubt he’s a racist. He’s a loudmouthed asshole who’s not politically correct.

    He came to South Africa some years ago to a “hunting” farm where you are driven right up to the animal to shoot it. Except in his case he used a bow. Needless to say the RHINO did not die immediately. He insisted on being taken around firing arrows/bolts into the rhino until it eventually succumbed. If you really feel the need to kill a rhino, go out and do so, using a spear or a knife. Take your chances and let the rhinio take it’s chances. My guess is that TN shat his pants and was unable to get closer to the rhino (they have very sensitive noses). As for the fox up his arse? Foxes also know carrion when they smell it. TN is an insult to those who are true hunters, hunters kill animals for food, not “fun”.

  12. Here is all the motivation you should need to make sure that you vote in november, bacuase you know that TN will.