This Day Sucks

Well, there’s a point in every dog owner’s life where the inevitable happens. Your buddy, compadre, fearless and ever-loyal companion cashes in the big check, and goes on up to the stinky junkyard in the sky. For our clumsy-yet-ever-compassionate leader of men and eater of steak, that day is today.

Loyal readers, I ask tonight that you pour a glug in the mud for Cheeba. She lived a maniacal live filled with fence-jumping and more ball fetching than any dog I’ve ever met. In fact, it seemed at many times through out my knowing her that Big J had two dogs in one with Cheeba. One being the actual dog, and the other being the disgusting, smelly tennis ball that she relentlessly presented at your feet. I mean, were it possible to throw that ball one million times, Cheeba would ask, with her big robotic smile that spanned literally ear to ear, for one million more. And with that smile, you could get the sense that she was also saying “Please.”

So it is a sad day, indeed DC minions. Share in this sorrow with Jonny, Angela, and little Sophers by tipping back extra hard on that bottle tonight. I’m talking touch the bottom to the ceiling, you pussies. And if you have a dog of your own, for Cheeba’s enjoyment, throw that ball a million times tonight.


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30 thoughts on “This Day Sucks

  1. Juan Grande,

    Man, sorry to hear the news. Cheebs was somethin else…I’ll never forget the fact that her robotic smile was also capable of chewing through a plastic dog kennel (down to the metal door) over the course of one rain storm moving through the area.

    Suffice to say…”that bitch was nutz!”

    RIP Cheebs. We’ll be tipsy in her honor all weekend down in T-town.



  2. Big Jon
    Never met ya face to face, but you let so many of us sit at your big round table to read, learn & shout out to others.

    Thanks, dude, & my best to you & your family.

    Sorry to hear about your buddy. A beer raised in honor on the left coast.
    S W

  3. Hey Jon, Angela, and Sophia, I am sorry to hear about Cheeba. I pledge to give my girlfriend’s dog an extra hard kick on the snout tonight in her memory.

    Condolences, truly.


  4. One of life’s injustices is that dogs don’t live long enough.
    That’s a great picture, looks like a happy pup.

    my condolences.

  5. My heart goes out to ya man. I am not looking forward to that (hopefully distant) day around our house. My wife will be devastated and I’ll probably be drowing my sorrows in the sauce. In fact I’ll drown yours in some tonite.

  6. Wow, one of the worst things in the world is losing your beloved dog. Truly, all dogs go to a heaven filled with stinky tennis balls and never ending games of fetch. Gotta go cherish my old dog before she goes too. So Sorry!

  7. Dude, i read every post on this site and have never responded to one. Sorry to hear about the pooch. take care.

  8. well i actually HAVE met that dog Cheeba and she was exactly as described…


    …tipping it back tonight for you and Ang and Cheebs my brother…

  9. I’ll gladly tip a big ol’ Dirty Bombay Sapphire martini for cheeba’s memory tonight.

    Cry big wet tears, it helps.

  10. R.I.P. Cheeba

    That dog was the world fetching champion!

    I’ll tip several PBR tonight in her honor, and give my pups some tennis ball love!

    My condolences to the family

  11. Sorry to hear of the loss – I’m a perennial dog owner, and have had to go through this a number of times – each one different – 2 years ago I had to part with my malamute – we’d given her a nickname over her years, ‘el diablo’ (excuse the gender miss-ups – la diabla never fit) – typical malaute – dog dominate – but soulful beyond comprehension – in time, you’ll decide your next option – dog, no dog, new type – I’m on the labrador now – 1 1/2 years old – fricken goofy, but fun –

    I bet Cheeba’s up howling in doggiville in the sky! – hang in there and always look upon the good memories.

  12. Sorry about the loss. A good dog is a blessing.
    Rest in peace Cheeba.

    My condolences to the family.


  13. I’m sorry to hear about your hound. Sounds like she was a blast. I lost my dog Zack last week. He was a great mountain biking dog when he was younger and a good friend for 10 years.

    I feel your pain. I miss him every day.

    Just try to remember the good times…

  14. Sorry to hear it. We recently lost Boomer a.k.a “the pony” after 16 years of more fun than you can shake a stick at. It hurts.

  15. I like most dogs more than I like most people…

    I feel your pain brother. The missus and I are here-by dedicating this entire weekend’s full of drinking to her memory (Cheeba’s memory, not the missus’…).


  16. First it was the backend blowouts trying to get up on “his” couch accompanied by a backward look over the shoulder of “WTF?- Help a brother out man” followed very quickly by completely sliding out around the corner of the casa in the exuberant race to greet me upon every return. One last trip up to Mt. Graham, the only place that I ever saw him be even remotely mellow, then the worst task I’ve ever performed in life. He know sits above my desk making sure all is well, the only lifeform on this planet I will ever trust.
    Wish you and your family the best in the efforts to live through your loss.
    She sounds like a truly awesome dog; one tail twitch away from full on insanity, the only kind of dog to have, always looking for the next “adventure”…

  17. Time to rest now Cheeba. We’ll be raising a glass or two in your honour tonight.

    Now I’ll give our lovely 20yo Miss Betty a damn good cuddle, since unfortunately, out time together is also drawing to a close.

    Chin up mate.

  18. I feel your pain bro,
    Looking back on my life, most of the fond memories have furry friends present and accounted for. A dog is as good as any man, often better. The best to ya!

  19. From Across the Pond..A small tear has been shed for the K Family…Loyalty, Love, and Happiness, she brought true found memories that will never be forgotten..

  20. If you have a heart, you love all animal companions. It really hurts to lose a friend, even if he or she has four legs.

    If I may, I will mention Bessie, Birdie, Joe, Tammy, Yogi, Rufus and Shorty. All noble dogs who are gone now.

    But we still have Lucie, Clifford, Buford and Buddy. Damn good dogs.

    Sorry for your loss.

  21. My condolences. My Aussie Shepard, Blue, who I got used while living Sante Fe thirteen years ago, and was no spring chicken then, will be going to the big dog-run in the sky sometime soon I’m certain. Although he seems healthy despite being stone deaf and more then a little crazy, how long can an old dog keep kickin’?
    He’s been my best, most reliable friend for so long it’s hard to imagine a home without his presence.
    I’m sorry for your loss.


  22. Sorry for the loss. It aint ever fun. I lost Sparky (the best dog in the world) last February. The house still seems empty and I have to sweep the freakin kitchen more often. My Heart goes out.

  23. Sorry to hear it.

    Glad Cheeba had a great life with good people who gave a lot of love.

    We tipped back some in honor.

  24. Sorry about your buddy. It brings back memories of a year ago too.
    All I can say is…if dogs aren’t in heaven then I don’t want to go there.

  25. Ole Cheebs is gonna have to wait for one gnarly bitch to catch up, as she’s still running her race. At 13, she’s not gonna chase that ball a million times today, or run the 30 miles she used to, but you can bet yer best milk bones that she’s gonna bite the ass of any suspicious characters,mug the mailman for the treats in his pocket, and generally bully any couh potatoes in the ‘hood till she gets her way.

    Every day with the dag is an adventure. Thanks for the reminder, and don’t be too sad. We should all be so lucky as our dogs.