This thing on?

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I’m sitting here on a beautiful Monday night in September thinking about this old yellow page and all it has given me. The doors it opened, the people I’ve met, loves gained and lost…and I wonder if anyone would even give a shit if I started making words again.

I’m still nipples deep in cycling, still ride a singelspeed most of the time and I still have a lot to say. But is it even worth saying anymore? I think so.

I want to talk about the puritanical arm of the Bicycle Industrial Complex that tried to cancel us and how it almost worked. But in reality it just drove us back into the shadows where we are most comfortable. I want to tell stories of bicycle touring misadventures. About the random and amazing people I have met along the way. I want to talk shit (just a little) on how the most efficient form of transportation has become overrun with bells, whistles and gadgetry. I want to share with the unknown readers of these pixels my stories of exploration, discovery, and loss. Since stepping back into the shadows I have fallen even more in love with taking pictures. These days, I’m THAT guy on rides who always has the camera, and my friends are saints for putting up with it. I want to share some of those photos too.

I live in Colorado most of the year now. It’s a big change from the deserts of Arizona that raised me into manhood, shaped my views of the world and calloused my skin. It’s a different drum beat up here in the hills, but it’s an enjoyable song for now. The high desert isn’t far. I could even ride there in a big day if I had to. That gives me great comfort.

A lot has changed in the lives of the authors of this site. We are all a bit older and maybe even a little softer. But that’s probably inevitable. We are still here nonetheless. Still pissed and ready to share. Even typing this out right now, reminds me that it still feels good to spew words into the ether. If it feels good, might as well keep doing it.

Welcome back back to the shit show. I missed y’all. Maybe if I speak up just a little, just maybe, it will make the haters and motherfuckers a little uncomfortable again. That can only be a good thing.

Keep it dirty…

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About dirty biker

I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

24 Replies to “This thing on?”

  1. Right on! I use the internet much less these days, but I still have you there in the bookmarks. Maybe today, I will give the tires on the SS a boost…right after digging that LiveWrong bracelet out of my cycling drawer.

  2. Been waiting for the resurrection for so long. Got my first taste of drunkcyclist back in 2015 when one of you gave me a sticker in Crown King. Been rocking that sticker since.

  3. Get’Cho self to Angry James in Silverthorne. It’s the early vibe of 4Peaks in Tempe. Ride well!!

  4. Nice to see your words across my screen. Also to see how many responses are already posted, and that this site still plays with RSS reader. Having spent 1/2 my adult life in CO and AZ (now exiled in the upper plains), I’m eager to hear and see more from those parts. Stay well and bring it on!

  5. Amen – glad you’re back. As a grumpy old guy who has been riding mtn bikes for 35+ years, will you consider an occasional submission? Looking forward to the reboot!!