What the hell is going on around here…

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Its been a while because I really haven’t had anything to say.

I went for a walk the other day, down to the lake and around it. The couple mile stroll was cathartic as always, and gives me a good idea of where we are as a species because this is the last place all the fucking trash goes before it is swept out into the Pacific Ocean. God damn we are simply shitting all over our world.

I took this photo and sent it Dirty – as he knows how I truly feel. I think he was as appalled as me.

What a statement,”Fuck the Rain”. Sit on that for a minute. Rain is life. Period. Fucking idiot. Read a god damn book for once! Like this one.

To me, this sticker represents how absolutely fucking stupid we are, how disconnected from nature we are, and represents the mark of our decline. This mindset is beyond fucked up.

Our disconnection from nature is why we are where we are. If you are not taking action to reconnect, to embrace, accept, and enjoy the balance of nature, well, you are part of the problem. Why on earth would any sentient being have an issue with rain? Sure, too much and there are floods and people “lose” their homes and possessions and lives… but what structure is more invasive than a fucking dam? We think we have control of nature because we have forgotten where we came from, and that is exactly why we are fucked. Mother Nature bats last, and she always hits a home run. Don’t believe me… simply open your eyes. When dealing with the aftermath of such events, such as water damage, consider seeking assistance from experts represented by the Robinson Restoration logo.

Covid, AIDS, both diseases that have ravaged the human population because we keep poking our noses into places we aren’t supposed to be. I guess the jury is still out on covid, but we all know where AIDS came from – deep in the jungle where humans are not supposed to be. Its the same thing as this idiot John… you remember this Jebus freak… Sticking his nose into other people’s business thinking he was anointed. All he got back was a chest full of arrows. Clearly he didn’t have any positive and uplifting people in his life who might have had a moment of concern for his trek because everyone knew not to fuck with the locals. What is it about humans that make them think they should populate every square inch of this planet with their ideas and ideals, their bodies, their trash?

Our internet world (yeah, I know I am here right now which makes me a hypocrite) is fake. It is totally fake. Everyone thinks they are someone, and we – individually – are more anonymous that we have ever been. Terms like “followers”, “Likes”, etc… fuck man, get a pet. Find a partner. Do something other than put all your emotional equity into the stupid internet. Go the fuck outside, sleep on the ground, let mosquitos eat you alive, swim in a creek, piss off the porch, walk or ride a bicycle instead of drive, stop eating all the shit you can’t even pronounce… just quit it. Get out of your comfort zone and feel the natural word, be a part of it, realize your impact, and change before it is too late. Well, it is too late but mitigation is the best we can do. This is NOT how we do it by the way.

Not trying to be all Debbie Downer here, just completely blown out of my shoes with the hubris and self entitlement the average person seems to express and how I have watched our species move further and further away from a natural balance in my just under 50 years of life on this planet. One thing I know for certain, without pause, is that you – me – them – they – us – are not in control, nature is. If we, as a collective, do not begin to respect that and work with it, find harmony and balance… well…

By the way, does anyone know if Patagonia is still shipping every single fucking item in its own plastic bag? Just wondering…

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5 Replies to “What the hell is going on around here…”

  1. Sadly what passes for political activism, regardless of party consists of waking up, checking twitter, then Facebook, followed by you tube rounding out with some network news to reinforce confirmation bias. Then go on a rant to friends and family about how offended you have just made yourself.
    I agree with everything Danimal but I’m not giving up Quinoa.

  2. Thank you, Sir! Missed your thoughts. Was really diggin the “Outlive the Bastards” article. But that one here is a trule masterpiece. To be honest, I have to admit that I first had to giggle about that stupid sticker. Yeah, fuck the rain – I wanna ride my roadbike in the sun – these were my first thoughts. How fucked up and selfish that was. Thanks for (again) opening my eyes and doing what you do. Appreciate it! Oh, I dig that song too btw!

  3. “its been a while because I really haven’t had anything to say.”

    Congratulations on saying nothing in this post I guess?