Singlespeed Worlds Cometh

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Singlespeed Worlds are heading back here to the good old US of A and we will be there. After a few years of trying, including a 4th quarter upset in Japan, the crew from Bend, OR finally brought the hosting rights home. The last time this fuck show was in the States, I ended up in my underwear riding in circles in wine country. I heard that I was hilarious. Or was it that one time we were in Alaska and I tried to take a selfie with a moose? I heard a rumor I was also hilarious there, and an excellent dancer. I even made a video about the experience HERE.

Enough about the past, the future is now! I have no doubt that this crew is going to throw one hell of a party where a bike race breaks out. The town is full of beer and legal weed. Trails are everywhere and I really can’t fucking wait for October 20th!

Rumors are starting to spread about 25 miles of new trail so freshly cut that not even the locals will know the course. I like the sound of that.

Here is all the info you need:

Facebook Event page

The other Facebook page

REGISTRATION is part coloring contest and part money. You are smart, figure it out.

Where the beer is

Where the weeds at


What gear ratio to run


Now you know.

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