9:30am Sunday 2/25, DC at South Mountain, Missed Connection

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We missed each other on Desert Classic trail, about 9:30a this Sunday. You were heading west right before the water tanks. We were drinking beers under some trees just off the trail. From beyond the big saguaro your DC jersey came into view. As you approached we could see you were in a full Drunkcyclist kit, shorts and all. We shouted and offered you a beer.

Sadly you kept riding. Though I know you heard us since you turned to gaze through the trees. Not a smile, or even a “No thanks, I’m in zone 3”. Just a longing look past our group, holding a tallboy out for you. Maybe next time?

After we rode back towards Pima Canyon we could see you approaching again. Though we were in the parking lot and naturally out of beer. You were on a black and red Scott hardtail. Right as you got to the ramadas you turned and left for what we assumed was another repeat. Though you did look thirsty. We’ll be out there again soon I’m sure. If you hear people offer you a beer, they’re not strangers, it’s just us. Don’t be shy!

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