The continuing saga of the classic bummer

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Hey folks, Reverend Dick here. Yesterday I posted a fucky picture on our instagram account and now the account is removed. I assume the 2 events are related, anyhow. Better (?) minds than mine are involved in negotiations. I may be off the team.


There’s the picture. Is it tasteless? Is it low resolution? Is it very half-assed? Is a pun intended? All yes. But IS IT FUNNY?

Sorry, everybody, for fucking up the DC instagram account. FWIW I personally feel there is a secret agenda being pushed here. The account from which I ripped the picture is still up, though the pic is gone. That person’s account has not been shut down. Who could be behind wanting DC off the social medias? Anyone…anyone…anyone? #empire


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13 Replies to “The continuing saga of the classic bummer”

  1. At least they rode bikes there…

    ^^No way is that John Holmes. Way less ugly. Ugh, that guy was tough to look at, and watch.

  2. beuhler??

    wow. floored here. fuck. the point here? did everyone miss it? at the end of the day who the fuck cares (may be even that it’s BETTER this way) if the social media got shut down (suspended? … ) but it’s that there is an arbitrary puritanical standard being applied that’s way more interesting to me than some prude with a mouse.

    personally I’m a 70’s fan, but lets not make this all about me.

    fuck them if they don’t get it. DC is not for everyone. Happy to do my part and contribute to help keep it that way.