you got to stop half-lovin’ these children

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Hey. This is old RD, and you know I’m not much for talking. But I got something I’d really like to say this time. You know, it’s a good thing that a bike riding parent can’t look on their children’s face and know what’s on their mind. Because if they could, a lot of us parents that think that we’re so hip, and hung up on a ego trip, would slide down off of cloud 9.

Y’all got to stop half-lovin these children.

A lot of you parents got 1st class children and you only give them 3rd class lives. What kind of life is it where a kid just gets shuttled back and forth from interior to interior, seeing adventure only thru screens? Childhood should be a dirty, handful of lizards, mouthful of trailside gummy worms, headful of bad jokes time. And yet, it seems like modern childhood is a very regulatory experience. Schedules. Fucking team ball sports. Heavy ass backpacks. Car rides. Car rides, car rides, car rides.

Y’all got to stop half-lovin these children.

“But, Dick, I’m a drunk who only likes to ride bicycles!” you say. I know, homies, I know. Me too. You know I know there’s only so much time one can be awake, and you can’t love your children or love your bike rides when you’re fast asleep. And you “can’t” do both at the same time…But you can. You CAN do both at the same time. You can love your children and your bike ride at the same time. So wake up to the idea of taking your children on a quick overnight adventure aboard your bicycles, and you can sleep soundly. On the ground.

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Excuses will keep you from actually doing it. If you aren’t going to do it, then just don’t. Don’t do it, and don’t make excuses. If you want to do it, you will. Make it happen, Moms and Dads.

It does require a certain amount of getting it together, but not too much. You got bikes, you got camping gear, you got some hauling capacity. Done. Leave your home, get an easy take-out dinner on the way, and hole up at your secret spot with your childrens. Do it on a school night and get them to school on time in the morning with leaves in their hair. What better example could you set?

Whole love these children by showing them how to cram in some Good Times between work/school and obligations. Life is too short.

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*I don’t recommend showing them the exact location of woodsy liquor stashes for obvious reasons.


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15 Replies to “you got to stop half-lovin’ these children”

  1. I dig it. I am not a father yet but when I am or if I ever become one I’m definitely getting my kids outside on their bikes and out in nature

  2. This is the best Drunk Cyclist post I’ve seen in a long time. I hope there’s much more like this to come. Amen.

  3. Word.
    It has been a while since I have been proud of a selfless DC post. Like never. I have been proud of posts but that selfless thing skews the curve if you will. When they weigh your sins in heaven this will counter a lot of weight that we all know you carry. Proud.