you only have to believe…

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I’ve been wanting to ride the C&O Canal, Allegheny Pass for a very long time, yet for the last forever it never seemed “Epic” enough to warrant the trip – which before was a trip across the country, and now is at least a two hour drive south to the closest entrance right smack dab in the middle of the trail, Hancock.  Plus the logistics of riding the whole thing demand a solid week off, and if I’m taking a week off work for a bike trip it sure as hell ain’t gunna be for some boring ass rail trail bullshit.

You know how sometimes the need to shake things up outweighs the risk of flat and mundane?  A new experience is needed, and it does not matter if it works out to be life changing as long as something NEW happens? Turned out a co-worker needed to get the fuck out of cell range as well…  and she agreed to join me for a little taste of what this boring fucking rail trail had to offer.

So last saturday we drove down after work for two nights of we’ll take whateverthefuckthisthinghastoffer.  We packed perfectly: flip flops and flat pedals, she on her Warhawk and myself mounting my coaster brake city bike, a random collection of a couple days worth of nothing, a reasonable amount of libations, and with little to no planning, we started pedaling.

As I upload these photos, the memories and smiles reemerge while I chew on my words of predisposed, speculated, emanate mundane dissatisfaction with the lack of “Epic”…

because it was nothing less than simply fucking awesome.

IMG_3001IMG_2991 IMG_3009 IMG_3013 IMG_3016IMG_3019IMG_3051 IMG_3025IMG_3052 IMG_3035 IMG_3039   IMG_3057IMG_3042IMG_3086 IMG_3063IMG_3066 IMG_3069IMG_3073 IMG_3078IMG_3033IMG_2993 IMG_3079 IMG_3083 IMG_3085

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2 Replies to “you only have to believe…”

  1. I have just two questions:

    1.) Motorcycle demolition derby?
    2.) Applesause wrestling?

  2. I used to live right off the trail in DC. Sadly, it was long before my touring days and all I did was ride the trail a few miles each way. Oh how I wish I could go back in time.

    Left my cherished basic flip flops on the back deck last week during a beach trip. The fuckers got so hot they shrunk and curled up! Damnit! You think they’d have some sort of anti-UV protection in the rubber/plastic. Damn.