I had a tampon jammed in my asshole one time and I didn’t like it.

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This mother fucker should be in charge.

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it's all bullshit, all of it. thesefuckingsoftpeoplewalkingaroundwiththeirheadsupthereassesnotlookingaroundtoseetheworldorenjoynatureorthecompanyofanotherhumanwiththeirselfentitledknowitallcantmakeamistakeeverybodygetsatrophypussyassattitudeandmindsetarethefuckingproblemwiththisworldandtheonlythingthatwillfixitisactualhardshipnothismanufacturedhardshiplikecrossfitorspartanraceoranyotherbullshitpansyasswannabeadventurecrapnopethesepeoplearepussiescompletepussieswitheverythinghandedtothemimmediatelynoempathynocompassionnoPASSIONnoloveforanythingotherthanselfimportanceandsuperficialhierarchythatisselfimposedinordertomakethemfeelworthwhilewhenalltheyareisatickorleechonsocietyafuckingcowheadedtotheslsughterwithnocluetheassholefeedingthemwillsoonbeslittingtheirthroatandchewingontheirgrilledassinaveryshortamountoftimesmilingwithnocareintheworldthattheywereneveranythingbutfodder.

8 Replies to “I had a tampon jammed in my asshole one time and I didn’t like it.”

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  2. Damn, this good gives a good speech! With all that went down in DC on 1/20 and 1/21…it’s amazing how many people hate folks unlike themselves.

  3. Not only is this dude dead on the money about our socially retarded fears, racism, and preconceived ideas, he has the balls to admit he had a tampon jammed up his ass! I agree with the above posts, he’d be a great person to hang & get fitshaced with. Most anyone who contributes or frequents this site could sit down with him , a bottle of your favorite adult beverage/bong loads talk about solving the world’s problems in short order! Thanks for turning me on to the most eloquent catfish I’ve ever heard speak.
    ??, ??, & happiness