The emperor has always been naked.

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Tomorrow another clown gets their scepter. A mass of constituents will take to the mall to celebrate, while another mass takes to the streets to protests vehemently. The goal of both masses of people is an immediate seismic shift in daily life that will bring a more positive outlook for the future – which is a human want regardless of what authority figure they pray to. Everything happening tomorrow is reaction, and is based on the tear of division between the two heads of state (which have been dumbed down to the colors red and blue for those who continue to react to the complete lack of public education by doing absolutely nothing about it).

Here is the problem: 57.9% of eligible voters actually voted in 2016. We all have smartphones with voice recognition and/or we know how to use a calculator because simple multiplication is impossible thanks again to our lovely school system; let’s do some math. 42.1% of eligible voters didn’t give a shit, literally. They stayed home, watched reruns, masturbated, went hunting or fishing, watched porn, rode their bike, and did not go to the polls. They are indifferent, and they don’t give one shit.

The way I see it, in order to actually change the way things are (roughly) 67.1% of people need to change, 155,374,493 people.

There were 231,556,622 total eligible voters. Let us also keep in mind 97,485,337 didn’t care either way for whatever reason, i.e. they stayed home and didn’t give a shit. Every election for the last as long as I have been alive ended with a close tie, one of the two parties winning by a marginal vote – which is also great television – so it really doesn’t take much to change, just convincing the people that don’t care to care.


Please and by all means protest, cause a peaceful uprising, speak your voice and do whatever you can to work toward making this a better place regardless of what you think that should be. However, if you do nothing to engage the 97,485,337 who do not care either way, who were complacent, who did nothing, then you will continue to be less than one third fighting against less than one third while almost half stand by not giving one shit… and I don’t have to tell you that nothing is going to change when half of the people don’t give a shit.

Now before you label me a Trump supporter or Hilary supporter, I am neither.

Personally I think both parties are completely full of shit and do not care about any of us at all in any way, they care about money and power and fame. My solution is simple, vote in every election you possibly can for the person you have never heard of, or if we’re lucky, Mother Nature will step up and do a little cleaning before we even get another chance to vote.

Enjoy, and look up coup d’état.


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14 Replies to “The emperor has always been naked.”

  1. Fuck it, isn’t this embarrassing?

    I admit that I do not understand your politics, (despite having worked for an American company based in Chicago for a few years), but really, you could not make this shit up!

  2. Watch Trump influence our economy with mail order bride sales and vodka hats. He’s rocking two economies. One in his pocket and another trying to get him out of theirs

  3. As a retired Marine, I want to always respect the POTUS. Want to, but this feels like finding out your lovely daughter sucks dick for heroin.

  4. Hey Crank,
    as one veteran to another, that is probably the best summing up of the situation that I’ve seen, good on you!

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  6. Agreed. Nice rant. fuckin’ no accounts fuckin’ thing around. Is it that damn hard to vote? I guess Zappa was right……

  7. Okay, what I got to say. Trump is getting drunk off his power, off the fractal gathering in Washington D.C. period
    That f-word-er is feeding off it. What, is he presiding over that mass? That gathering is stating that he is not President. It looks more like the people speaking that he is not in power to the other countries of this planet.
    Let’s talk about “Maddog”. What does he have to say on 20/20 old people? I ask the old people because they are the baby boomers who voted.
    Trump is mad because I told him to drop a clean one in the fractal mass because I am diabolical but he never responded. I am mad but he doesn’t listen. Should the internet be the President? Yes because robots always listen. Is that Burning Man in D.C.? Not drink cyclist DC but the Washington one. It looks just like it from the sky. Are those all unemployed USA citizens? I don’t know, they been missing a great deal of work lately. All fired except those who prove they rude bicycle to the place that capitalize on them. Work.

    On the other hand maybe nobody should care, what are those people doing to country’s infrastructure? Why they don’t care about keep on keeping on? Why aren’t they riding bicycle to better the environment instead of standing around making zero impact on the new administration? Why they gotta be all looking like a fractal on the newscast? Why all these questions because I am madder at the people than 1 guy who errybody talk shit on and his nose picking son and his filthy hand daughter needs to get her hands rukered because she touched my pens he was signing the bullshits with in F-Ox news inauguration day period. And mad at the rest of the people because they all signed into “The Zuckerberg Method of Communication and Intelligence Gathering”. Anger voice

    -Alex Second

  8. Okay. What I’m trying to say is America, who of it voted, has spoken. I rule the planet. I own the universe. I am independent and so I can say say because I do, telepathically. People all over have been knocking Donald around with there misunderstanding words and these word are bad for anybody’s self-esteem. Now all the people been talking the s word to Donald are the bad guys because they are hurting his self esteem. This is bad because he could commit the s word and everybody would be f-word-ed in the head if he did but if committed the s word nobody would care. Just like I am sad because of the stupid people. Grrrr….

  9. Dig the article and your rant. We DESERVE to have wound up with the two POS to choose from, mainly due to voters, as the author accurately stated, because the people don’t give a shit, or in PC language we’ve become a nation of apathetic morons. They’re the same people who bitch about things not going their way. The only way I could live with myself and the right thing for me to do was vote for Gary Johnson. Any other vote and I would’ve hated myself almost as much as the two “viable” candidates. No, he’s not the charming, mega-funded, lying fucktard that Hillary and Trump are. We have gotten so stupid that we vote based on ridiculous notions and all the wrong reasons. The realization that voting for the lesser of two evils is STILL a vote for evil, lying pieces of shit, that have made a career built on deceit. If anyone else in any other profession behaved like the DNC & GOP candidates have for decades would be correctly labeled as a sociopathic sub-human not fit for existence on this planet. We deserve what we got, but I hope that the people of the USA wake the fuck up and quit tolerating a corrupt and broken 2 party criminal enterprise. Thanks for inspiring me to say that Danimal, I like the way you think