Left Hell for Coffee Filters

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…and it got me thinking. Shit happens. You’re living the dream, bombing a downhill in the big ring. Wind at your back with a setting sun, pure exhilaration and an unabashed grin, not a care in the world. Just. Plain. Awesome.

But then bam. For some reason the City decides to add some traffic calming to a traffic-less road. At the crux of the hill, you’re presented with two choices: blow it and risk death or hit the skids to fight another day. I’m still pretty young but I had a cold beer waiting for me so fighting another day was in the cards on this particular evening. Because responsibilities.

They say the bad things come in threes, this time it was six over three weeks. “That’s life, tho. Almost hate to say it. That’s life, tho. In every brutal way.” Kurt Vile said that, he’s pretty good you should check him out.

Carry on, fellow. Day in-day out. Wake up, kit up, and keep hackin’ away. It ain’t gonna be pretty but what else is there to do, ya know?

Life turns around, we know this. It plays games, it keeps you in check, mate. Use the lows to get you high because sometimes the unexpected is better than anything you’ve ever imagined.

First day back nursing a broken paw on a broken road. It feels good to be bad.


On the uptick. Now about that whole coffee filter thing…

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One Reply to “Left Hell for Coffee Filters”

  1. Kurt Vile is awesome.

    I try to limit the bad shit that happens, but it is still going to happen. My biggest problem is I’m a perfectionist so every morning I plan every minute detail of my life, and when they don’t happen, I get mad. Welp, with a 4 month old…nothing really goes to plan anymore. I’m working on adapting, but it ain’t easy.

    Also, bad stuff. I tried to corral a loose dog a few weeks back. I have dogs, I like dogs. I hate small dogs. I was trying to be a good dude. Little fucker bit me, ran off. Rabies shots are a must in this situation.

    Guess how much rabies shots cost? Nobody fucking knows, I didn’t. Thank god I’m not very big, they’re based on weight. Hospital bill: $22,000, with $18,000 for the immunoglobin. Fucking hell. My health insurance is only covering $15,500. In my state my provider can’t go after the owner and file a claim with his home insurance provider. (I saw the dog again, the sheriff spoke with them, guy admitted he has a hole in his fence and the dog gets out.) So now I’m still trying to figure out what to do. But damn…I could buy a few sweet bikes for that amount!

    Lesson here: DO NOT try to help run away chihuahuas. Why? Small dogs are fucking assholes.