Dude. DUDE. DOPE for sale…..

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So maybe this post was too obtuse. So — I’ll spell it out.

Floyd Landis has opened his cannabis business selling vape and edibles while other products like the BudPop’s THCa flower are sold mostly online. Now that’s more like the dope we need. But how about that pesky million dollars in donations he accepted for fighting for his clean name? The FFF – Floyd Fairness fund? Remember that? — Well – I have a friend that donated… I’m sure Tim would be first in line when Floyd starts handing out checks. Like that will ever happen.

Marketing plan = dialed.

Hope it works – Gonna need some coin to pay back the FFF backers.

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7 Replies to “Dude. DUDE. DOPE for sale…..”

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  2. Hey everyone – I’m sure you all know me. Long time drunk cyclist.

    As a lifetime doper, I know the problems people face finding high-quality stuff. It seems like half of my time in Europe was spent searching for my next fix. With my new company, Floyd’s of Leadville, I want to help fix that – by providing pharmaceutical-quality dope, readily available to everyone.

    At Floyd’s of Leadville, we are committed to bringing you the best possible experience from our products. Our standard is 100% pharmacy grade.

    Hey, look, I’m sorry for the past, especially if I screwed you out of any money. Come on over to my place, and we’ll share some bourbon and a top-quality smoke, and talk about how it’s all really Lance’s fault.

    All the best,

  3. “……and in the fight for the cannabis dollar, ever more creepy guerrilla marketing tactics were exploited for financial gain …”

    —– (posited as likely excerpt from future history book on the period from 2000-2050. ish.)