Behold your Destiny at the Shitty Gritty

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Last Sunday, in what was a full embrace of the stereotypically-soggy Pacific Northwest climate, a horde of crazies rode the first annual Destiny Dozen in Tacoma, Wash. Referred to by its unofficial yet evocative nickname, the “Shitty Gritty,” the Destiny Dozen is a West Coast riff on Pittsburgh’s Dirty Dozen, a race up the 13 steepest hills in the city.

Here’s our field report (and pics) from Tom Ripley:

The fully erect peninsula that is Tacoma (aka “The City of Destiny”) juts into Puget Sound. The roads go from just above sea level to 500 feet or more with rises up to 30 percent. The ride included thirteen of our most brutal hills. 68 riders showed up at the start. Donations were taken to cover printing costs. The remaining money went to the remodeling of OUR kind of “biker bar”, the Goldfish Tavern. It was “run what you brung” with people riding on everything from mountain bikes, cyclocross, our commonly used full-fender “rain bikes”, to full roadie. At the bottom of each hill the ride leader blew a whistle starting a bunch sprint for the top. The serious roadies made it to the top first followed by the rest. 38 finished. We finished at the Harmon Taproom. All I talked to had fun.


shitty gritty
Shitty gritty
shitty gritty
Xtracycle, check. Patriotism: check. Puke bucket: check.

tacoma2 tacoma1



Cheers to Nyki Delorme (won 13 of 13 hills!), Elizabeth Laukea, and Jill Nintze who took the women’s podium.

And kudos to the men’s podium: Bryan Myers, Alex Walker, and Matthias Bonjour.

Full results here.

Pics galore

More pics from the The Defiant Goldfish (formerly The Goldfish):

Watch the full race in its entirety, at like 32X speed:

Adding this to my list for next year’s events. Will Gunnar Shogren make the pilgrimage?

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