You get your law degree from Facebook?

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Man, oh man. If you want to confront and shutdown a cop, make sure you’re schooled in your local revised code. Watch as this BMX rider drops knowledge on this officer. This is one way to keep cops on their toes. We don’t recommend trying this.

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h/t TransWorld Ride BMX.

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10 Replies to “You get your law degree from Facebook?”

  1. Dayum…. don’t try that if you’re African American. You’ll get detained and mysteriously die in jail of a ‘suicide’.

  2. I agree that the cop was in the wrong in misstating the law. Once he’d been called on it, he did the right thing and told the cyclist to have a nice day and walked away in order to avoid any further stupidity on his part.

    I also think the cyclist was in the wrong when he went with the sarcasm at the end as the cop walked away. Just because you’re correct doesn’t mean you have to be a dick. You got what you wanted, just walk away and don’t give them a reason to look for a way to extract revenge.

    Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

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  4. That kid was more of a dick than he needed to be. There IS a such thing as being too smart for your own good. He could have handled that much better. I actually thought the cop handled himself well.

    I can’t stand it when Police abuse people, but they’ve got jobs to do too. There’s asserting your rights, and then there’s being a smarmy asshole. This dude was definitely the latter….

  5. Totally agree with previous 2 comments. Assholes are assholes whether they are cops or BMX riders. That was a cool cop and lame rider. Don’t be a dick and good things will happen.

  6. Totally agree with most of the comments here, the police see the shit side of society way more than anyone should have deal with.

    I’m just grateful that there are people in society that will choose to do that job.

    I’m fortunate enough to live in New Zealand & the NZ police are fucking awesome!

    Anyone who doesn’t appreciate them has never experienced police forces in other countries & I have experience with South African, Zimbabwean, Angolan, American & Australian police forces.

    Oh & Singlespeed samurai, fuck you dipshit. Next time you’re robbed, mugged etc, who you going to called?

  7. Lucky he was white, he probably have been shot right there if he was black.

  8. So I’m having a hangover a few weeks ago and it’s around 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. I go to the store to grab a twelver of the cure. Upon walking out I was approached by a younger looking “couple”. They asked me if I could purchase them some brew and I did. Knowing they were underage I thought, “People used to do this for me all the time when I was a kid.” I walked out of the store with thier the cure and started peddling for the lot exit. All the sudden it’s an unmarked cop car with a red dash light on and flicks his heads on. I thought, “Should I stop?” The answer was me mashing it and I got away with like 2 additional cars sirens after me. I know it’s finable to have contributed to these delinquents and to have evaded but is it entrapment for the cops to be using kids like that or a breach of child labor laws just to try and bust me?

    Then a week or so later I’m riding up a one way the wrong way accidentally by the way just for a quick block at night and not a busy block. There’s a cop just pulls up to the stop sign so I stick my left arm out stating I’m heading that way. I proceed to the taco shop as was my plan and begin my lockup procedure on the sign pole. The cop went around the block, gets out of his car and cards me. I ask, “Everything alright?” He says “Yeah.” And hands back my card. I turn around and make for the door to order my grub he says, “Hey (my last name) Don’t buy beer for kids.” So quick and under his breath because there was a witness.
    My question now is if they attempt to charge me for the contribution likesay, somehow it catches up to me, is it double jeopardy?