Video Dumpski

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I’m getting plugged back in after 8 weeks on the road and I’m stumbling across all kinds of great web fodder. Here are some of the highlights.

Check out Joey’s latest project… He is a like minded bad idea maker, who also just happens to be really good with a camera. This is a super bad idea:

Paul, from Paul components has been making these videos of all his bikes that he uses to test his machined metal bits…and I think they are hilarious. You also get to see some really nice bikes. The rest of the videos you can find HERE

YouTube Preview Image

The duders from Transition Bikes do it right in the Italian Alps

If you haven’t seen the short film Down to Nothing yet, take 25 minutes out of your day and do it. There is still a lot of adventure and exploration left in the world.

That’s it for now… I have a few more days to catch up before Interbike and then off to SingleSpeed Worlds in Japan!


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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

10 Replies to “Video Dumpski”

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  2. Ah………..thank you so much……….stuck here at my desk in solar hell, That was a great breath of fresh air!!

  3. Along the same vein, I recently went to the motion-picture theater and saw _Meru_. Those guys went waaay beyond gonzo. Dude has a mini-stroke at 18,000 feet, and can’t speak, but it’s his turn to lead out, aid climbing, so he does. That registers approximately 10K mega-gnars on the gnarlometer.

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  5. I apologize in advance for the boring nature of my question, but how do you finance your adventures? Seems like most adventurers are being sponsored by gear manufacturers if the product placement in their videos is any indication. Do you have any sponsors? Now that you’re not working how do you manage to fund all your trips?

    Whenever I traveled, I pissed through my money like it was water. I guess that’s why I’m still working for the Yankee dollar.

    This comment was fueled by a Samuel Adams ma$ stein filled with equal amounts Spaten oktoberfest and Sierra Nevada oktoberfest bier. Burp!!!!

  6. “Whenever I traveled, I pissed through my money like it was water.”

    I went to France once. Brought enuf coin I figured was good for the 10 days there.

    Between the restaurants and French hookers I was broke by the 3rd day.

  7. @TripleT

    Don’t ever go to Amsterdam. You’ll be cleaned out in a day.
    They have hash in the coffehouses, fresh lager in the pubs, and loose women in the storefront windows.

    When I was there many years ago I remember this loud sucking noise that sounded like a giant vacuum cleaner. I asked a Dutchman about it and he said, “Yah dat is how we suck all der money out of der tourists wallets. Do you need some hash or something stronger, how about a girl? I ‘ve got lots of dem?”

    I think the Dutch like money more than Americans.

  8. I have to agree on the Amsterdam thing. Stay away unless you’ve got disposable income. Eating space cake and falling in love with the window women sounds good, but…