The BUI podcast with Cyclocosm

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The fine folks at Mountain Bike Radio let us babble and slur on their site for the DC podcast yet again! In this episode, Cosmo Catalano pays the boys a visit. He is the mad genius and one man show behind Cyclocosm. Cosmo gives some great insight on the current state of cycling media and why he has recently taken a step back from his own site.



For those of you not familiar with what Cosmo does (did?), check out that one time we sponsored his show.

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I’m a big fan of his highlight video from this year’s Paris-Roubaix. So I will just leave that right here:

YouTube Preview Image

How is there not a bidding war in the cycling world to give this guy a job?! I’ll never understand it.

Thanks again to Mountain Bike Radio for giving us a place to yammer. There is a ton of amazing stuff on their site and they also have a great phone app. Check ’em out!

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