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  2. Well, I dunno. I spent Monday meeting the boys for phø, then riding about thirty miles of alpine doubletrack on a gorgeous April summer day. We saw like three people out there all day. It was 4/20 and impeccable safety standards were maintained. Back at the truck, we had a cold twelve pack to swill. It was a pretty good little Monday.

  3. Mikey, I’d probably give you my best “Well that’s just fine for you, you no-good layabout, but some of us have to WORK for a living, dagnabbit! You people staying up all hours playing your boom boxes while decent people are trying to sleep. Get off my lawn. GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!”

    Only problem with that approach-I’ve had nothing but time on my hands the past few months. And it could be forever if I just sign my retirement papers.

    But I haven’t. And I don’t want to. At least not for awhile. Monday I went back to work. I’m where I belong. On a jobsite, doing electrical work. And damn, it feels good.

    And the spiced rum in my glass tastes that much sweeter.

  4. @Joe— No dispute from me, brother. I was lucky, and have found myself in a place where my securities portfolio grows faster than I can spend it. Darn that President Obama, I was assured— ASSURED, I tell you— that he would have destroyed this great nation by now. So why work when the capital gains tax rate is half what wage earners pay? It ain’t right, but it does allow me to ride a lot. Rubber side down, see ya out there.

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  6. Quick follow-up: Thanks to Misters Jack and Jefe for the clues regarding my dried-out Mavic freehub. I found an instructional video on the series of tubes, filled with kittens, then disassembled, cleaned and lubed said unit. I like my freehubs like my women: buttery smooth and quiet. Can’t wait to get the Trophy Bike back on the road. Rubber side down, brothers and sisters, see you out there.

  7. And another thing? The “never go full enduro” meme is completely hilarious and needs to EXPLODE across the series of tubes, filled with kittens.

  8. @ Mikey,

    Ah, Zoot Allures, (Frank Zappa), those Frenchys, I immediately switch to this mode:


    & in the next day or two once I take delivery of this new arrow in my quiver, (which offsets my Surly Pugsley & Bauer Softrides perfectly), I’ll be getting seriously down & dirty!


    Steel! Dudes!!, not yer Crabon or recycled beer cans Alu frames, Steel!, like tanks & submarines & howitzers & rockets! America, Fuck Yeah!


  9. And, the old..
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.
    issue raises it’s head again, Dirty, over to you.

  10. @Hurben— It’s a hemispherical issue, I’m pretty sure. Delete and reinstall your text-inverter plug-in. Either that, or enter your comment with your computer oriented upside-down.

  11. Hi Mikey,

    No, after several beers a few stray neurons started glowing & I remembered.

    A ‘feature’ of this site appears to be that if you include 3 or more Hyperlinks in your post it runs to the moderators who generally have no idea about this so many classic & life changing posts end up whimpering & dying is some dusty corner of the Internet.

    Sort of like an Elephant’s graveyard.

    Like my mind, but fortunately I managed to remember that this hyperlink was in response to your comment on matters French..


  12. Followed by a shameless plug of my latest acquisition,


    With reference to the sellers comment to me, this was to my main account on this site which he being a sensitive soul promptly blocked, I merely created another account & bought the bike through there,

    Throw money into the arena & all is forgiven.

    & it’s steel! not Crabon or recycled beer can Alu, it’s Steel!! just like God intended, like Tanks & Missiles & Frigates & Dodge Challengers & Harleys!



  13. Interesting, after I go through the trouble of sort of repeating myself, the original post appears, isn’t technology wonderful?

  14. Hurben:

    Just in the interest of facts being facts, “recycled beer cans” do not end up as bicycle frames. Only virgin ally can be drawn into tubes.

    Not that I’d ever ride that. Or carpet fiber. But maybe bamboo, long as I don’t get bamboozled.

    And maybe ti. But only fixed gear, and only with a rigid steel fork.

    Crickey, what were we talking about? Damned spiced rum.

  15. Sparky,

    let’s not sully a satisfying rant with facts!

    It’s a well known fact that most people don’t give a crap about them.