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It’s pretty cool to see my home turf in video circulating the interwebs today. Especially when the riders in the video are Geoff Gulevich and Wade Simmons. This is basically a big Rocky Mountain ad for their new bike. But it’s also a really great video showcasing how cool the Black Canyon Trail is. They also go to my favorite bar. It’s 15 miles down a dirt road, deep in the desert and it is truly one of the greatest places on earth.



This all reminds me of that one time I gave Gully a hug and that other time I ran into Wade in the middle of Iceland. Oh, drunken memories…

*props to Vernor for the video


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4 Replies to “Home Zone”

  1. The Alliance has done the BCT for the past two New Years. Thanks to this post, the coming one will be retracing this route. Can’t wait for winter…

  2. Thought videos were only supposed to be 16 sec. long these days, good one! Shout out to volunteer trailbuilders, where it’s at.