I like the way you work it

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No diggity. No doubt.

Hey. Yo. Hey yo hey yo heyo.

All of a sudden I look up and it’s Sea Otter time. What?!? That’s when 2016 officially starts for the US bike scene, don’t you know. So, all a y’all shop rats can witness your inventory get devalued as “early release” Xs and Ys from tomorrow start the cycle of wanting the newer new all over again. You’re welcome.

My good, good homie Carmel Bob has hosted the Sleaze Otter for multiple years past, but has become bitter and disillusioned with the stripe shirted, gelly haired, tightly v-necked wonks that populate this bike industry and how they don’t ride bikes they just market them. Word. So sadly, he’s not up to the same level of hi-jinkery in this ya time.

But. There are a bunch of folks who profess the love for bicycles in town for the circus, so. What to do? If you are reading this you are invited to ride around Monterey CA and sample some easily accessed trails and some sleazy abcessed dive bars. Yes there are some. No, you won’t get stabbed, because we are skipping The Dunes…


SATURDAY NIGHT MEET AT MONTEREY’S MAIN/TOURIST WHARF AT 8PM. Bring a bike, some REspeck, a helmet, the jokes, some dollars, and a light/blinkie (cuz the cops round here ain’t got shit else to do but hassle you, and that’s the truth.) 1st beer’s on DC, and loaner lights are in the works from Light&Motion. Come get some.Beverly-Hills 90210

Who’s in? I get to be Dylan.

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6 Replies to “I like the way you work it”

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  2. I hear that Carmel Bob now whiles away his sadness at Mortimer’s, just waiting for it to be party time again

  3. sea otter sucks. toolbag corporate stooges who can’t ride worth a fucking shit suck. all the 27.5+ bikes suck. all the 29+ trek is gonna peddle is garbage. everything is trash. imba sucks. kill 148. team robot sucks. specialized sucks. aaron gwin is a fucking jesus freak.

    ride bikes. kill yourself.