Mopeds of NAHBS

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Dirty and I painted Louisville today. Took a few too many tastes of everyone’s whiskey and beer, yet reciprocated with our own. Got our chow on at Bluegrass Brewery Company, and whiskeyed our way through the afternoon.

Please, I insist, draw your own conclusions and analysis from these photos. It’s warm in Louisville, the snow is melting, and the beer is flowing.

You’d never think there’d be so many electric bikes at a handmade bike show.

And here we are. We’ve got parties to go to do, beer to drink. More tomorrow. Enjoy.

The DC booth at NAHBS.

DSC_0766 DSC_0763

DSC_0746 DSC_0745 DSC_0744 DSC_0721

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11 Replies to “Mopeds of NAHBS”

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  2. I’m not stoked on e-bikes. Go ahead and blah blah blah about improved access for mobility-impaired assholes, and I’ll go ahead and still think they suck and are motorcycley bullshit.

  3. Mrs. Joe suffers debilitating pain from injuries sustained when a truck ran over her. I’d give my left nut and half my pecker to see her on two wheels just once. Don’t much care what turns the crank.

    Now go park your Escalade across two handicap spaces like you always do.

  4. Ohhhhhh…..mopeds.

    This post brought back way old memories. Late 70s/early 80s was moped city. I had one in HS and rode the shit out of it. My buddies and I would have drunken drag races praying we wouldn’t die in the process.

    Good times Good times.

    Sometimes it’s not about the cycle.

  5. I concur, motos are fun as hell. If you don’t have one, well that is your loss. People who hate motos just have not had mom take off their training wheels yet. Don’t be a richard, buy a used moto instead of a pair of carbon fat bike wheels.

    Time to ride, will it be the yeti, allez cromo, KTM 450 or the H2? I am thinking the yeti then the H2, ring ding ding bitches.

  6. Well e-bikes are goofy as hell, but I made 200 miles on my SV650 yesterday, and it didn’t suck.

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