NAHBS Photo Dump: The Long Road to Louisville

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Been quiet on my front recently. Oh, it’s March? Good one. It’s still hibernation mode here in the Midwest. I got my SScx ride nice and messy–its proper state–in Ohio a couple weeks ago for the Road Apple Roubaix, a classy nod to the frozen clumps of horse shit that drop from the Amish buggy horses as we slog through 40 (or 20, or 12) miles of lake-effect-snow covered gravel roads. This wasn’t a gravel ride. This was a snow/shit ride.

Anyhow, my stoke is back. On Friday, I drive down to Louisville to nerd out on a bunch of bikes I’ll never be able to afford at the North American Handmade Bike Show. I write about metal fabrication, so this is my wheelhouse (see what I did there? Third High Life = the cleverness). Dirty is arriving to Derby City on Saturday, at which point my liver will die, but not before my legs. Those sly dogs at NAHBS have early morning rides scheduled for everyone, including us lowly media folk.

Stay tuned for the post-NAHBS report. In the meantime, here’s a photo dump of the cooler media preview photos I got. There’s even one made from goddamn Louisville Slugger wood. Louisville as fuck:

Chris Connor Wood Bicycles, Denver.
Carbon and wood? My mind is warping.
Well, unlike bamboo, I could actually beat the shit out of something with this wood.
REEBdonkadonk titanium fatty.
From ATL: Snyder Cycles.
Holy shit, Abbey Bike Tools, Bend, Oregon. This is some artisan seriousness. If Dwell had a home bike shop section, I’d be all over this. Full disclosure: I want everything Abbey makes.
Iride, Brooklyn, NYC. This bike is all about chillin.
Funk Cycles, Littleton, CO. Fatness, all of it. Need. Want.
Oh, hey, girl. You got that carbon belt? You gonna be in Louisville?
Yes, Fifield. Like the sparks.
Cycle Monkey’s got a Rohloff Speedhub XL fat bike hub. K. Better let me ride at the cavern.


There are more photos, yes. But these boiled to the top, skimmed for your pleasure.

DC will be bumbling around Louisville. You’ll find us. Just follow the whiskey.

I should probably hit up the new Mega Cavern, too. Last I heard, you won’t need a reservation there. Just show up. The Cavern’s big enough for all of us.




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