never have one bike ride at a time

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You can always have 6. 7, 8, or 9?

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Spring Classics might motivate you, or you might just like riding your bike. Whichever. Sometimes it’s road bikes!

Aside: if you don’t love road bikes, that’s cool. I understand your area might have shitty traffic or something. But, all things being as good as they might be, don’t kid yourself. Road riding is as fun as mountain biking. Yep. So fast and swoopy and zippy and those kind of feelings. So, if you got a good opportunity, you should take it because that ish is a real Good Time.

Per usual, the best coast doesn’t disappoint in this:

16492934457_1c59013216_z (1)

so that’s the iconic Bixby Bridge, seen from the good side. You can opt out of the windy highway section, and the trade-off is a couple 1,000 foot climbs on an old dirt road thru the redwoods. That is my kind of trade-off…

16077900834_6401607db2_zI have done this ride on the uber crabon with the 23s, and it was punishing but I still found reasons to smile. This time I rolled on the 37mm Panaracer Paselas (which, that is a surprisingly capable tyre) and it was punishing but I still found reasons to smile.

So, that’s at least 2 rides for your 1 ride right there.

It rained like hell for a while. I stopped under some tall trees and stood around. When the rain slacked, I kept going.


I had the CalTrans chic hi-viz rain wear and it is not only stylish, it is practical. Plus I can go straight to the clubz?

16674281926_4fcbc20c3d_zThe turn around for me was a pub in Big Sur that bike tourons should know about, The Maiden Publick House. Tater tots? Tater tots. I sat out some more rain drinking beer(s) and having tater tots, and when that spell passed grabbed a tall boy for the road…

So, with the additional added dirt detour that’s like 3- maybe 4 rides for your ride.


I wish you could come with me when I go again.



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9 Replies to “never have one bike ride at a time”

  1. Nice, I say you are shorting yourself if you don’t ride mountain and road, and you should also have a motorcycle or two.

    For me a day of fun involves a mountain bike ride then a road ride followed up with a ride on the moto, dirt or street it does not matter as long as you are riding.

  2. One of my favorite places, have always wanted to ride in the Ventana wilderness.

  3. Mr. Dick makes a brave and salient point: the road bike is fun as hell.

    What I like is slogging around on dirt with fat, slow tars, then jump on the Trophy Bike and it’s so goddam fast you can’t believe it. Green light is stale? Stand up & stomp on it, see yaz later.