Leisure Reading: Buyan Velo

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It’s no secret that I am addicted to just about everything bike related and chances are, so are you. My daily web wanderings are eclectic to say the least. One moment I will be watching the latest free-ride video then the next I will be staring in awe at road racing sprint tactics. Follow that up with a click over to The Come Up then about a half dozen other spots. But out of all that, it’s bikepacking content that rules my mouse and get’s most of my attention. There are so many great sites out there, but the one that stands out is Bunyan Velo.

Bunyan Velo is a free, online publication started by Lucas Winzenburg as a hobby to get him through a Minnesota winter. This hobby has now turned into the premiere outlet for bicycle travel writing. Cyclists from all walks of life sharing their stories and tying them all together with fantastic photographs.

In this video, Lucas describes how it all came about.

Bunyan Velo is a friend of DC and we gotta support those who support us. Click through the pages of a few issues. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed .

Instagram: @bunyanvelo
Bunyan Velo on Facebook


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  2. Crazy Guy on a Bike is a great bicycle travel blog as well. From the guy riding around the world on a pennyfarthing to the many people that ride from England to Australia/New Zealand there are hours of reading and pictures to encourage you to tune in, drop out and ride bike.