This Meme Sucks

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If you do the internet thing and follow bike stuff, you’ve probably seen this meme:


That meme sucks for two reasons:

  • It implies that you need money to love bicycles.
  • It implies that drugs are bad.

Instead of spreading false truths, why not tell it how it is?


Don’t get it twisted, fool.

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About Cupcake

I don’t have a beer gut, I’ve developed a liquid grain storage facility.

8 Replies to “This Meme Sucks”

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  2. there are two types of cyclists…those who do stuff on their bikes and those who do actual mechanic on their bikes. The first has money for drugs and a crappy bike, the second has nice bikes and are clean

  3. I don’t have a beer gut. I work on my own bikes, I wrench on neighborhood kids bikes, I have money for good weed, and I taught my daughter to be resourceful. So the real meme applies to me much better as me and my kid both smoke weed and are highly resourceful people. Ride bikes. Drink beer. Love boobs. Smoke weed. All is well.

  4. i have a very small dick, but really giant balls, since we’re apparently measuring.

  5. Nancy Reagan can go suck a giant bag of putrified, puss weeping dicks. That bitches ideology fucked over my younger life both with family, and finances, all over amounts so small they could barely be measured, as in, .02 and .01 grams, fuck her. I hope she realizes it just made me hate the system, not change my behavior.

    End the war, help those who need it, let sanity return to this twisted up, hyper/pseudo christian for convenience, self righteous about everyone elses business, nation.

    I can happily enjoy my chemicals of choice, and still have nice bikes too, so fuck that meme too. Really not that hard if you realize that getting up, and showing up, every day like it’s your job, is almost more important than what you do for a job.

    I feel better, back to work…..

  6. Jesus Christ, do you ever contribute actual content to this site, Cupcake? Yet another one of your whiny posts…

  7. Tried my best to get my daughter hooked on bikes. Just not her thing.
    The kid at least has the good sense not to fuck with drugs. Like to think the Mrs. and I had a hand in that.

    Only ever saw her drunk once, and that was enough to convince her that moderation is the key. Wish I was half as smart at that age.

    She’s 24 now, brainy and beautiful. Graduated from the university with honors in dual majors. She has a better job than many of her contemporaries and is working on her master’s degree.

    The young man she is dating has vowed to get in shape. I have many spare bikes that should fit him. Perhaps if I can infect him…