spectral illusions of

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There are rotational changes being made all around you. In every bike’s period of operativity, there will be the different configurations. These are just natural facts. Fighting, resistance, “ostritching”- these are flimsy blinds blown away by the Real…

Hey! I swapped out my handlebars.


As things of this sort will do, this old switcheroo sent a cascade of subsequently required changes through my pile(s) of bike parts. The shift housings weren’t long enough, so I swapped in short sections and in-line barrel adjustors with the new cables. And, the brake lines (hydro) were also not long enough, so I put back on the cable activated BB7s (wow. They are squealy! I forgot how squealy. Like, kind of a bummer squealy. BUT. They do work, and they were to hand) And the porteur styled big-assed front rack came off to go on another bike, so the little front rack found a home here.
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By default, that bike got a tune up. There are further changes in store, for sure. And that’s just how it goes in the life of a bike geek.

With any “new” bike comes the feverish need to get on and ride it real quick. I rode that bike over to the seedy grocery, which I habituate on account of I feel more at home in the harsh yet dingy lighting there rather than the fancy joint a couple blocks away. Nobody blinks as I stroll through the aisles with my bicycle. There, I bought their cheapest 12er and lashed it to the front rack. It was to serve as a fender of sorts. I had one toe strap, and one Surly junk strap (by far their smartest piece of gear), and it took the 2 in combination to fully tie down my fender.

YouTube Preview Image


That arrangement suited me just fine for approximately 42 minutes. I began to notice an increasing rattle which I assumed was the hoopty strap job working loose. It was actually the bottom/side of the fender getting so water-logged that it was beginning to give way, allowing movement of the easter eggs. Hence the rattle.


Guess how I figured that out. Now ask me why I’m partial to canned beers. Now fuck off.


None of the preciouses was damaged, so I didn’t have to shotgun any of them, though it would not have been too troubling if one(s) had. I quickly stowed these loose cans on and about my person, flipped the fender over so the wet/soggy side was the top, re-lashed it and continued my ride.

So dialed.


My ride was one of kindness and generosity for all persons. I was not riding for the paltry “training” reasons the typical racerist uses to justify their time aboard a bicycle. I was not riding for “fun” like a common clown. I was not riding “for a cause” and annoying the shit out of my associates and co-workers by shaking them down for donations. I was not riding to promote the latest iteration of product X,Y, nor Z.


This jacket stowage is either sheer laziness or pure genius. You pick.


I rode for the people. For the people, I stashed beers in the woods in 2 very separate locations.

Easter eggs for all my friends! Ask somebody.

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7 Replies to “spectral illusions of”

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  2. “So dialed” hahaha. All forms of stowage are genius. Dude, grab a few cans of that Never Wet spray. Buy case. Spray case. Instant fender. I’m almost tempted to try it mahself.

    I put a pair of Nitto Albatross bars on my Long Haul Trucker last year. For handling heavy loads up front, it was a solid and necessary swap.

  3. Nitto Albatross? Got ’em on the Crosscheck. Also fenders, rack, panniers and kickstand. And a fixed gear of 48:20 for around 68 gear inches. So the only cable I had to futz with was the front brake; the rear brake being not but a vestigial appendage on a fixed gear.

    Don’t haul much beer on the bike because eighty proof is my drug of choice. But if I did, I’d do it on my 1993 Fisher HooKoo. Ginormous grocery panniers can carry two 30-packs and I could probably bungee two more to the rack.

    Stay thirsty, my friends.

  4. I have had great success with whatever version of these (wider /steel) Nittos (northroad/alabatross) on other bikes. My aim here is to make this bike ez to jump on and rally, without changing shoes/pants/underwears/etc.

    After sliding down some steep and rainy hillsides today, I’m a head back to something straighter on account of your hands are not secured on these and tend to fly off on your (mildly) technical singletracks.

    It is perhaps worth a post of it’s own to discuss these incredibly relevant and momentous findings.

    To me, it boils down to how I ride the bike in question. These 3-speedy bars are cool cool cool on a tyre of 42mm or less. Bigger, and you are into meats and a wider bar is your friend.

    Of course, run what you brung dictates you use existing stock?

    This Bulleit Rye is pretty OK.

  5. Spot on, Reverend. My aforementioned Crosscheck previously sported a nice wide flat bar and barends. More manageable in the twitchy stuff; confidence-inspiring, even.

    But back issues and a blown-out wrist dictate a more upright riding position, and for that, the Nittos seem to do the trick.

  6. PBR? I appreciate the generosity, but dunno if I can get it down. Not that I think it’s fiscally responsible to leave a 12’r of dales pale ale in the wood. May as well leave a trail of dollar bills to get home