Get Crafty

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We just opened up our new web store for t-shirts and hats today… but we still like to do it DIY style. SnakeHawk made us this stencil a while back and I felt the need to remind everyone. Because it is fucking cool.

stencil Now print this thing out, cut it into a stencil and get crafty with some spray paint. Let’s see where we can put this… nike 5.0 free
file download here.

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

8 Replies to “Get Crafty”

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  2. Sorry db….totally off-topic.

    I need a new bike and I was stupid enuf to test ride a Trek Emonda the other day.

    Bike weighs like 10 pounds. My dick weighs more than that.

    I felt like I was riding a fart.

    Fuck it. I’m just gonna go to Walmart and buy a steel POS made in China.

  3. I bought a Stradalli ..rode it three times then pieces started to fall off if it. The owner is a juiced up prick. Only concerned with pros and world champs.

  4. @Kev

    or @Kevin if you prerffer that we don’t get too personal too quickly.

    So you bought a Stradalli & the owner thereof is a juiced up prick!

    This is refreshing, this is what the new UCI is encouraging!

    Good on you for standing up & saying that ‘I’m Kev & I’m a juiced up prick’!

    We’re all friends here brother, thank you for sharing.

  5. Sorry to hear that sniff, it would be worth a drive to the next town over to check something else out. Or go online, find something besides a Trek.
    Trek makes a fine bike, they are just so vanilla, or in other words, plain, no WOW factor as I like to say……

  6. Well personally I love the stencil idea. Just finished watching “exit through the gift shop”. If that doesn’t inspire you, fuck off.